Suppressors: Shooting Doesn’t Have to Be Loud

By AWR Hawkins

First Generation Glock 19 9mm with Silencer
First Generation Glock 19 9mm with Silencer
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Suppressors, or silencers, are an easy way to add a new twist to shooting — and they are legal in nearly 40 states.

Using one quickly let's your ears know that shooting does not have to be loud.

Silencers come in all shapes and sizes, and reduce muzzle noise at different levels — depending on the application for which they were created.

There are numerous high-quality suppressor manufacturers in the United States, one of which is AWC Silencers. I have one of AWC's titanium Abraxas silencers for my first generation Glock 19 9mm. When I screw it onto the end of the gun, I leave my ear protection in the Jeep and shoot cans and targets with a muzzle noise similar to a .22 rifle.

AWC also sells silencer-integrated versions of certain Ruger rifles and handguns.

Anyone considering a silencer should also look at brands like Gemtech, Surefire, and Knights Armament.

The process for getting a silencer is similar to that of buying a new handgun or rifle, in that it involves a background check. But it is different in that it involves a wait period that consists of months as the silencer is registered with the ATF. The process also requires the purchaser of the silencer to pay for a federal stamp (a tax) to own the device.

If the handgun you want to put the silencer on does not have a threaded barrel, you will need to buy a threaded barrel as well.

Most importantly, check the laws in your state to be sure yours is one of the almost 40 states that allow citizens to purchase and keep silencers in their possession.

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    1. Although suppressors may be “legal” in about 40 states, the intrusion upon our Rights and privacy by the FedGov, plus the unconstitutional taxation of a RIGHT that SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED makes the “lawful” possession of a suppressor nauseating to me.

      Having been mechanically inclined since childhood, I’m sure that if I wanted to, I could manufacture one (or more) myself,

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