THE GUN HOLDER Introduces Flagship Product: ‘The Gun Holder’

The Gun Holder
The Gun Holder
The Gun Holder
The Gun Holder

Detroit Lakes, MN –-( Ever needed to hold an un-cased firearm in a safe, secure manner in a vehicle, but still have it accessible?

The Gun Holder is a unique gun mount which attaches to the vehicle interior door. It holds a shotgun or rifle in a safe and secure manner at all times while still allowing quick accessibility. The gun rests in a barrel up position in an upper and lower cradle and is secured to The Gun Holder using a Velcro strap.

In the 1990’s THE GUN HOLDER, LLC owners Jay Christenson and Mark Malingen were hunting pheasants in South Dakota when the idea was conceived. The original intent was to allow the driver of the vehicle to have complete control of both the vehicle and firearm while driving, but was expanded to include both doors.

Made of high quality steel materials right here in the USA, the universal door mounted Gun Holder attaches quickly without drilling holes or using screws that could damage the doors interior. The Gun Holder works for most shotgun or rifle models including over-and-under double barrels, side-by-side double barrels, slug guns or rifles with scopes. Some gun stocks or barrel lengths may not work.

Check the regulations in your state to determine if it is legal to transport a firearm using The Gun Holder.

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Jay Christenson

The Gun Holder appreciates comments like the one posted by Curt Quiggins, however during our design and development process of this product over the past several years we have involved several divisions of law enforcement for suggestions and possible design changes, and have never heard any comments or concerns you mention. We are avid sportsman, and the major driving factor for this product was safety while hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. I would be more than happy to discuss our product with you in detail if interested. ~ Jay Christenson

Curt Quiggins

I can’t see how anyone could possibly use this. You couldn’t drive more than a mile anywhere other than on your own property before some nut calls the cops and gets you pulled over most likely at gunpoint and you would be shot as soon as you opened the car or truck door if you live you would be charged with brandishing a weapon. This is one of the most poorly thought out and irresponsible gun products I have ever seen. Another small problem is the fact that in most vehicles the interior trim and the door panel are right… Read more »


A much safer method than our old one of putting the rifle (didn’t do this with shotguns) muzzle down against the floorboard, especially when hunting in muddy conditions. I don’t mind a little mud on the barrel from my boots, but I sure don’t want any mud inside the barrel from stuff on the floorboard!

Robert Baker

Very interesting concept