The Legacy of Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt

By Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin
Michelle Malkin

Los Angeles, CA – -( Zeituni Onyango, President Obama's illegal alien aunt, died this week of cancer and other complications. I hope she rests in peace. America, however, should be up in arms.

Auntie Zeituni is an enduring symbol of all that is wrong with this country's immigration “policy” — or rather, its complete lack of a coherent, enforceable system of laws and rules that puts the national interest first. She was a beneficiary of the welfare state run amok, enabled by bipartisan fecklessness.

To the bitter end, she bit the hand that fed her with predictable ingratitude and metastatic entitlement.

Zeituni's 14-year illegal overstay is a reminder that our temporary visa program is an abysmal joke. Like millions of foreign students, business people and tourists to this country, Auntie Zeituni obtained a short-term visitor visa in 2000. It had an expiration date. She was supposed to go back to Kenya in two years after traveling here with her son, who had been accepted at a college in Boston.

But like millions of other “temporary” visa overstayers, Auntie Zeituni never went home. And despite billions spent on homeland security and immigration enforcement, no one ever went looking for her to kick her out of the country after her time was up.

Auntie Zeituni had no job skills, no special talent, no compelling reason to keep her here in America as an asset to our culture or our economy. She didn't value the American Dream. She was a dependency nightmare. She collected $700 a month in welfare benefits and disability payments totaling $51,000. Somehow, Auntie Zeituni also drummed up money to apply for asylum and finagled her way into both federal and state public housing in Boston.

She contributed nothing to this country. The only “work” she did was gaming the system, complaining about her lot and blaming everyone else for her problems while they subsidized her 14-year illegal overstay.

Auntie Zeituni's ridiculous asylum application and what happened afterward are reminders that our asylum and deportation systems are appalling jokes. Auntie Zeituni's bogus request was rejected by the immigration court system. A judge ordered her to return to Kenya in 2003. She appealed. She lost. A judge again ordered her to leave in 2004.

But Auntie Zeituni never went home. Like an estimated 700,000 other deportation absconders, she evaded the judicial order for nearly a half-dozen years and continued to feed at the government trough. When the Bush administration had the chance to put the pedal to the enforcement metal in 2008, they caved.

Pandering to pro-amnesty forces, Bush officials issued a 72-hour cease-and-desist order to all fugitive apprehension teams to spare Obama embarrassment over his auntie right before Election Day.

As an Immigration and Customs Enforcement source told me at the time: “The ICE fugitive operations group throughout the U.S. was told to stand down until after the election from arresting or transporting anyone out of the U.S. This was done to avoid any mistakes of deporting or arresting anyone who could have a connection to the election, i.e., anyone from Kenya who could be a relative. The decision was election-driven.” Such stand-down non-enforcement orders are standard operating procedure in Washington.

Zeituni Onyango
In this July 30, 2009 photo, President Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, sits outside her South Boston apartment building wearing a dress and pearls the president bought for her.

Auntie Zeituni's illegal activity and ingratitude were rewarded time and time again. She got multiple bites at the immigration court apple, where it ain't over till the alien wins. Despite twice being ordered to go home, the feds allowed her bogus case to be reopened. After breaking visa laws, campaign finance laws (she donated illegally to Obama three times), deportation rules and judicial orders, she was allowed to have yet another hearing. Her manufactured claim of a “credible fear of persecution” in Kenya made a mockery of every legitimate case for asylum or refugee status.

“If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen,” Auntie Zeituni demanded. She griped that America had “used” her and then cashed in on a book about her travails called “Tears of Abuse.” And then, after a decade of doing absolutely nothing to enhance the well-being of our country, she received a coveted green card in 2010.

Neither Republican nor Democratic leaders in Washington had the will to kick this trash-talking freeloader (or her drunk-driving, deportation-evading, amnesty-securing deadbeat brother Omar Onyango) out of our home. Auntie Zeituni's story is a disgraceful reminder that the only thing worse than the ingrates thumbing their noses at our immigration laws are the people in power on both sides of the aisle enabling them.

Open-borders bipartisanship is suicide.

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Michelle Malkin is the author of “Culture of Corruption: Obama and his Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks and Cronies” & “Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild”. Her e-mail address is [email protected]

  • 12 thoughts on “The Legacy of Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt

    1. It looks to me that Auntie has the same talents as her nephew, except Obama and family is costing the American taxpayer millions taking vacations

    2. You know, our southern border should be the great wall of the United States. It should have guard, and sniper, towers every mile. There should be large signs posted. TOUCH THE WALL, YOU WILL BE SHOT. PERIOD! I am so tired of the open borders that the government allows. It can be stopped. I know, I know, it will never happen. The same as wanting to nuke Iran.

    3. Another example of how these illegals call themselves ‘immigrants’, even Obama calls them the same thing except what they all really are…


    4. I live in Australia and althought our immigration system isnt
      Perfect its getting better people here put a government in power
      In 2013 who had the spine to stop illegal immigration by boat, in recent years this was becoming a popular method, come illegally by boat then claim assylum, most ditch their id on the way here to try and make it harder to find out who they actually are and to try and make returning them to their country of origin harder.
      And this Government is not caving in to the bleeding heart brigade.
      It can be done. Example ‘A’ recently arrived family of illegal immigrants had a child here ( common ploy to beat the system cant break up a family etc etc) well tough luck immigration rounded them up and they are in detention waiting deportation. Is it tough? Yes, is it fair YES.

    5. “The chief difference between a dog and a man is if you take a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you.” -Mark Twain.

    6. Given what Michelle presents here what makes anyone think that the govt can control immigration? A more important question is, are you willing to live with the police state that it will take for them to try? Everify is a background check system for employment. Do you really want to have to get permission from the govt to work? We oppose having to ask their permission to buy guns. Let’s be consistent. Open borders are support liberty, controlled borders destroy it.

    7. Michelle & Ammoland great article! AmmoLand thanks so much for your hard core stance on gun-rights and the important addition of writers like Michelle, with strong conservative values.

    8. Bravo!!!
      Shame the Main Stream Medea won’t report this kind of news…
      This should be driven home on a daily basis over every news channel and radio station that will broadcast it.

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