Twisted Timber Treestands tackles Western & Midwestern Hunts with Outback Outdoors for 2014

Outback Outdoors
Twisted Timber Treestands tackles western & Midwestern hunts with Outback Outdoors for 2014
Twisted Timber Treestands
Twisted Timber Treestands

USA –-( Twisted Timber Treestands and Outback Outdoors have joined forces to bring you up close action with big black bears in tight quarters, to gnarly river bottoms bucks, and a wide variety of the hunts you want to see.

Getting close to harvest mature animals doesn’t always allow you choices of when you need to be within bow range.  Hunt where you need to….Hunt with Twisted Timber!

“The whitetail properties we hunt never seem to have a straight tree in the right location. This has always been a struggle for us at Outback Outdoors. With Twisted Timber Treestands we don’t have to settle for our 3rd or 4th choice tree to place a stand, we can now setup in the exact spot to ambush those mature whitetail bucks.” – Trevon Stoltzfus, Outback Outdoors

Twisted Timber Treestands are designed with the first and original non-screwing easy hang system. This system also allows you to place multiple hooks in your favorite spots to allow easy adaptability in the field. Oilite Brass bushings keep your stand lubed and quiet all seasons of the year. Extreme Platform Leveling Design provides you with 7” of vertical adjustment.  Twisted Timber’s most unique feature that no other stand on the market offers is the Severe Lean Advantage by it’s patented T3 Triple Axis Leveling Technology.

The adjusted mounting system on the base allows for off-center stand placement with rock-solid security.  Visit us at our new website  or on Facebook.

Outback Outdoors

Outback Outdoors, ( embodies the essence of western bowhunting.  Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality.  The Outback Outdoors’ team strives to capture the adrenaline and adventure of hunting big game in the various extreme topography of the west.

From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the high desert plains and the aspen covered ridges to the lowland river bottoms, OO seeks to share a cinematic experience that connects with any hunter looking to take a trophy animal or who just wants to fill their freezer.

….. all from Twisted Timber Treestands.  Hunt where you need to!!!!

Outback Outdoors is returning 4th quarter on SPORTSMAN CHANNEL on WED 11:00AM, FRI 10:00PM, and SAT 1:00AM.