Virginia Gun Owner Being Unfairly Prosecuted In NJ For Accidentally Bringing A Gun Into The State

Hand Cuffed
Virginia Gun Owner Being Unfairly Prosecuted In NJ For Accidentally Bringing A Gun Into The State
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( A Virginia CHP holder, Guy Ackerman, inadvertently brought a handgun with him into NJ.

He discovered the gun in his car and rather than leave it in there with valet parking, he took the unloaded revolver to his room and locked it in the room safe. The valet had noticed the gun when it was in the car and told the police, who arrested Guy and charged him with unlawful weapon possession – a felony in NJ.

The prosecutor is refusing to allow Guy an option to avoid jail time, an option that is normally available in such cases.

Guy is really in a tough spot. If he takes the prosecutor’s current “deal,” Guy will spend one year in prison before being able to apply for parole. If denied, he will have to serve up to three years. If he rejects the idea of a “guilty” plea and is found guilty in a trial, he then faces a minimum jail sentence of between five and ten years.

Of course, if he wins the trial, he would be free. However, we are talking New Jersey.

This is why I avoid New Jersey, preferring not to leave America.

Here is a web site that provides details on Guy’s situation, as well as a petition to sign asking that Guy be given the non-felony option:

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Absolutely DO NOT enter that state –give it not one dime. YOU ARE LIVING UNDER TYRANNY. We all are now, really–just a prettier cage–but a cage is a cage, no matter how big they make that cage. Your courts, your legislation and executive branches in NJ have failed you. REPLACE THEM! Ballot box or cartridge box, your choice (if you think the former still will work there) WWTFD? “…That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it… Read more »


I refuse to do business in Communist countries.


The solution is simple, though difficult.

Gather up a couple of hundred thousand law abiding gun owners, strap ’em on, and march across the New Jersey border to the State House to petition the legislature for a redress of your grievances. A half million armed patriots might get someone’s attention.


Always remember to tip the valet.

Gala Poola

So sorry for this fellow. Sometimes there is jury nullification but he still has to endure the time and expense of a trial. Maybe our gov can lend a hand. He needs to be perceived as 2nd A friendly for national elections so maybe he can help



We ALREADY have CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY pursuant to the protections of the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s just that WE THE PEOPLE must defend and insist upon our rights.

Calling for a PERMIT system to exercise fundamental, preexisting civil rights is IGNORANT!


He needs to demand a trial by jury and then file countersuits in both civil and criminal courts against the arresting officer/s, the PD, the City, the DA the judge etc. pursuant to one or more of the following US Codes:

18 USC Sections 241, 242
42 USC Sections 1983, 1985, 1986


In this instance, you can pierce their customary “official immunity” and pursue them both criminally and civilly, professionally and PERSONALLY.

Go for the BIG bucks and don’t back down.

The Rifleman

Another perfect example of an over zealous prosecutor looking for more publicity and the infamous “Gold Star and Atta Boy” from their peers!


I never bring any firearms into NJ when I visit my family, easier to rent one at the range.

We need to push Congress to pass Nationwide Concealed Carry, just like a driver license, good in all 50 states.


Seriously, would you expect anything different from the state that gave us Frank Lautenberg and the “Lautenberg Amendment”.


Yeah, just another reason to never return to that $hith0!e state.


“…inadvertently brought a handgun with him into NJ…”

A sub-clause under the definition of Felony Stupid.

Bob Shell

NJ is a sewer of curruption and this case illustrates it to the max. Maybe he should grease some palms and he will get out of that shithold in one piece

Carl Stevenson

I live in PA. I refuse to go to/through NJ. The only thing on the other side of NJ for me is NYC and I refuse to by there either.
Let them wallow in the results of their own cowardice for knuckling under to the tyrants.
Hopefully, a rescue party from VA will go to NJ and free this political prisoner.

brian winters

I do not like the gun situation in nj. However my business is here my children and grandchildren are here. I am an avid shooter and have fought more gun control for 40 years since I purchased my first firearm. By NJ standards chrystie is a good gun governor. Our threshold. he has not made things worse. A low threshold but that is nj.


This is tyranny personified; making criminals of and enforcing inane laws that miserate the citizenry.

How can an advanced society use the law against the majority at the behest of the minority. A human issue rather than a political issue.

Merely a human condition that could be wiped out starting with the next freshman class.

TSgt B

Stay the F*CK out of New Jersey, Taxachuessettes, New Yawk, Delaunderware, and every other communist stronghold in this nation. If you haven’t figured it out yet, in their eyes the Constitution = Charmin.

Jimmy the Greek

I always had a gun with me when i ran in the north east it’s been twenty years since i ran up there and i had a good hiding place in my 18 wheeler for it . As far as the snitch if it were me he ratted on , paybacks would be in order


Have no fear. Governor Chris Christie, the “Republican” governor and presidential hopeful will stand on the side of the Constitution. (Wink, wink.) No doubt a pardon is being or will be drawn up directly. (Wink, wink.)


Not only do I refuse to enter any of the hoplophobe states I don’t even buy from ebay sellers in those states. I will not support the erosion of our Constitution by giving them my business.

Ken A

A shame. It seems like they are more willing to deal with people like this: