Who is Boss Hog’s Pigman?

“Boss Hog” airs on the Discovery Channel Fridays at 10PM ET/PST

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Texas –-(Ammoland.com)-  Born and raised in Mexia, Texas, Brian “Pigman” Quaca has been around pigs literally his entire life, shooting and killing his first hog when he was 9 years old on his family deer lease in Centerville, Texas.

As a teen, neighbors would call upon his dad Tom to send his boy over with every intention of taking care of business. And so began the young man’s eagerness for hog-driven adrenaline rushes.

His new TV series “Boss Hog” airs on the Discovery Channel Fridays at 10PM ET/PST, chronicling Quaca’s battle with Texas’ feral hog problem. These wild animals are large, with average mature boars weighing in at 130-150 pounds, and they are fierce with a snout and tusks used for killing, defense and tearing up millions of acres in farmland.

Feral” means a domesticated hog that has escaped and has adapted to the wild. Their bodies have adapted to the wild with excellent hearing and sense of smell along with tusks that continue to grow in males. Feral hogs are smart and opportunistic omnivores, meaning they feed on plant and animal matter in addition to being able to play the role of a scavenger.

In Texas, wild pigs have been reported in 253 of our 254 counties, costing the state an estimated $1.5 million in damage. Where most see this as a nuisance, Quaca sees it as an opportunity, making money off every aspect of the pig – from booking clients on high-end hog hunts and customizing hog hunting bows, to stuffing and mounting trophy boars.

Quaca’s lifelong desire to find more efficient and accurate ways to handle the growing pig population eventually led him into the trade of riflesmith, where he focused on guns and learning the intricacies of caliber selection and bullet ballistics. He has always felt that pigs were given a bad rap — treated as an underappreciated species and never given credit for the challenge they present. Whether hunting them with dogs and knives, guns, or bows, he has felt it was important to place hogs on a national platform because that’s what the common folk hunt.

Hunting feral hogs isn’t always easy, though. According to Quaca, they’re smart and Quaca said he would rank them not far behind human’s always idolized intelligent species – the monkey. And they’ve yet to be proven susceptible to disease.

“I’ve personally shot a pig with .450 revolver and watch him not even flinch. The animal kept running full speed, so I shot him two more times before I knocked him off his feet. Pull back the hide and the bullets were trapped between the hide and the meat,” said Quaca. “They are truly the North American Rhino.”

Pigs are also known for being very cleaver to avoid traps. They lack the flexible paws of raccoons, but are still skilled at opening gates and cages. They can jump fences almost three feet high, and they’re known for climbing on top of each other to escape higher walls. All of this makes them difficult, but not impossible, to trap.

“I knew that if I ever got to the point where it became easy, I was doing something wrong,” Quaca said.

At the heart of the show is Quaca’s passion for hunting. Hogs are prolific breeders and the population is rapidly growing out of control. Quaca says that just to stabilize Texas’ feral hog population would require removing about 70 percent of the population over a single year and continuing that level of population reduction for multiple years.

In the words of Pigman himself, “pigs are here to stay, so in my world, if you can’t beat’em – might as well join’em.”

For more of Boss Hog and the Pigman visit: www.pigmantv.com

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Gene Meyer

I was surprised to see the Groesbeck name on your son’s shirt. I have stayed there when I had the chance to hog hunt around the Kosse area. I am currently looking for employment and I am very much interested in hunting hogs. If there is any chance to become employed by your firm I surely would like to know about it. Please send me an application.
Gene H. Meyer

Travis Killingsworth

Great TV show always entertaining for the simple fact that it’s not acting it’s just real people living,working and enjoying life the best way possible.