An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara

By Rob Morse

An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara
An Un-Teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(  This is an un-teachable moment.  A young man stabbed three people and shot three people next to the University of Santa Barbara campus Friday evening.

This should teach us what makes us safe and what doesn't.  This should teach us, but we don’t want to learn.

In his statements, a pampered and failing son blames everyone for his failures, everyone except himself.  He drives an expensive car and lives a pampered life, none of which he earned.  He writes about hating his parents and wanting to stab his step mother and brother.  After his son's death, a father of one of the victims blames the NRA and politicians who allowed guns into the world.. while his son was killed in a gun free zone.

Do you notice a pattern here?  The father blames mental illness.  A father blames guns and the NRA.  The son blamed others for his problems.  Unfortunately, you and I are also part of this same pattern.  We refuse to learn from past mistakes and blame others instead.

Rather than place blame, let me describe the next public murder for you.

  • The murderer has a narcissistic personality and demands attention.  He wants his name in the news and will kill to get it there.
  • The attack will be launched against people in a gun free zone.  Narcissists don’t like competition.
  • The murderer will have mental health issues and will probably be on psychotropic drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • The murderer will be enthralled by violent video games and spends a lot of time playing them.
  • There will be warning signs, and they will be ignored.


Let me tell you about what the next murderer didn't do.

  • The murderer will have limited exposure to competitive athletics.  Narcissists can’t stand to obey the rules, to fail, and be expected to rise and try again.. just like everyone else.
  • The murderer will have very limited exposure to Christian religious training.  Why listen to god and serve god when you really want to be god.. for a minute.  Narcissists do not subjugate themselves to authority.


Making predictions about the media’s reaction to the next public murder is too easy.  Liberal media will blame the NRA and lax gun laws.. even though this latest crime was committed in the state with the strictest firearms laws.

  • California is rated first among the 50 states for restricting firearms by the Brady Campaign.
  • California has strict gun-free school zone laws so there were no armed defenders within thousands of feet of the UCSB campus.
  • Santa Barbara sheriff Bill Brown so dislikes armed citizens that he refuses to issue concealed carry permits.


In short, this mass murder took place in a gun control paradise.. again.  This crime should have been impossible if gun control actually worked.

Evidence says gun control doesn't work, but we won’t learn from our mistakes.

Instead, liberal politicians will double down on gun control and claim it is for the children.  The media will support them.

Here comes the new tragedy, same as the old tragedy.. until we learn.


About Rob Morse: By day, Rob Morse works as a mild mannered engineer for a Southern California defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights MagazineClash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. HBHTEX – Not sure about the “Herbt” – could be a translation/transcription from when her ancestors came to America (only possible if they came from Germany). In German, “Herbst” is the word for “fall” (the season). Otherwise, I dunno….

    2. In the list of rampage killings, many if not the majority of the killers obtained their guns illegally. Some didn’t, but they did pass the background check process.

      A California legislator has introduced AB-1014, a bill that would let anyone report you to authorities because they suspect you are “mentally unstable.” That is likely to result in police at your doorstep over a comment written on Facebook or perhaps even here. Imagine replying to a hoplophobe’s vicious rant against the NRA in the comments section of a news item only to have that person track you down and tell local police they fear you are mentally unhinged and have guns. How many people might be “swatted” in this way? This is the mindset in the aftermath of the SB shooting.

      Californians – call your state representatives and senators. Urge them to vote NO on AB-1014.

    3. In his description of the next mass killer, the author forgot to add that he or (she)
      Will be a liberal progressive and a democrat.

    4. [What we should be asking is how an individual with such a long history of mental illness was able to get weapons in the first place?]

      Well, he got weapons by reaching into the kitchen knife drawer, getting behind the wheel of his car, and buying guns under the strictest state rules in the U.S.

      What we should be asking is how an individual with such a long history of mental illness wasn’t getting the treatment he needed.

    5. This little pantie waste oriental shooter who couldn’t get laid was a sick
      Ittle puppy that shouldn’t had got them weapons ! That state of Kalifornia and LE dropped the ball ! But the douche bag liberals have to blame the NRA ! Not this time !!!

    6. Don’t forget 3 were killed by him using a knife. Gun free zones are a killers wet dream. All unarmed victims or sitting ducks. Gun free zones are among the most dangerous places you can be. What do liberals want? More gun free zones everywhere. Thus they want more killing, raping, and violent assaults.

    7. What can be expected in a civilian disarmament
      zone? California harbors among the nation’s
      worst Soviet inspired and oppressive “LBJ/KGB” style
      socialist anti-gun laws extant! Remember: “Dial
      911 and Die!” at

    8. That’s right, competitive sports and Christian teaching would have prevented this incident. B.S. So would arming all of the students and others in Isla Vista. The problem with this article is that it was written by an author with an agenda. Every mass shooting need not be met with the argument that more guns would have saved the day. What we should be asking is how an individual with such a long history of mental illness was able to get weapons in the first place? Isn’t that what we all want to prevent? I would much rather prevent a person with this type of illness from shooting anyone (including himself)in the first place. To suggest (as a number of the comments above do) that anyone of us could have prevented this by taking this guy out as he shot people from a moving car is fooling ourselves.

    9. Looks like those gun free zones and gun control is working real well in CA. If you notice the shootings always happen in states with the most gun control. They just don’t want to get it.

    10. Folks need to understand (better)that this is NOT just so-called “anti-gun” propaganda put out by leftist, socialist and Communist media sources and their staff of like thinking minions, it is anti-Constitutional propaganda. Until we focus on that (Constitution killing) and the goals of these people exhibited by the midget former mayor of New York and his now admitted Communist replacement which the citizens of that city elected, we are lost!

    11. Rob, your article is on target explaining how gun control has failed. Every time they advocate & then pass gun control laws they say it will deter crime. However, every time there’s a murder they say the problem is not enough gun control. They can’t have it both ways. With all the gun control in place now we can evaluate it & see it as a failure.

    12. Time after time…MSNBC…CNN…News Week…Time Magazine…And publishers such as the Denver “Commie” Post and scores of other left wing news media conglomerates…Are always prone to suggest that when ever there is a mass public shooting it was undoubtedly the doings of some right wing psycho nut…They say this without presenting any evidence to their claims…Let us back track here…Fact check: Every public shooting recorded in the US since the 1950’s in which more than three people were killed by a shooter of notoriety have taken place where citizens were not allowed to carry firearms…These left wing liberal progressives have since given up on this prognosis because many of us have stopped believing their lies which they have previously voiced and or have published…Lies which they themselves had created in an effort to discredit Tea Party folks, Republicans, the NRA, conservatives, and mainly responsible gun owners as being the evil doers who are the contributors of such public shootings and gun violence…Liberals still have not accepted the fact that Gun Free Zone signs are not a deterrent to those who wish to commit harm upon others of innocense…One could even argue that this is part of an even greater anti-gun conspiracy in that those who violate these signs are actually furthering the cause of the anti-gunners…Knowing there are those who will indeed blame guns and the NRA for such senseless killings…As we have witnessed by the US Navy’s owhn Ship Yard shooting…To include schools and Universities, and other public places which have posted these gun free zone signs as an open invitation to a mad man intent on killing people that no one inside the building is armed…Thus the anti-gunners have pronounced businesses and schools as “Gun Free” establishments thereby ripe for those who wish to take the lives of those we find dearest to our hearts…This is similar to welcoming the fox to visit the chicken coop expecting the fox will honor the request that he not harm any of the chickens which he find’s inside…”When will They ever Learn?”…Peter, Paul and Mary.

    13. Incidents like this stress the importance of self reliance in protecting one’s self. The police usually show up when it’s ‘all over’. If you understand this, there’s no need to explain why the 2nd Amendment exists. If you don’t understand, there is no explanation!

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