Caruba: A Call for Anarchy, Not Patriotism on May 16

By Alan Caruba

Alan Caruba
Column by Alan Caruba

New Jersey –-( The Constitution grants Americans the right to assemble for the redress of grievances.

It does NOT permit the seizure of federal buildings or of elected and appointed representatives for the purpose of removing them from power.

The forthcoming May 16 Operation American Spring, is a call for a million or more Americans to come to Washington, D.C. for the purpose of staying in the nation’s capital “as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office” is a call for anarchy.

Operation American Spring offers the perfect opportunity for elements within the Obama administration to claim the government is under attack even if they were the ones doing an actual armed attack.

Among those million attending would surely be “patriots” who would not heed the organizer’s call to not bear arms and to obey all District laws. The purpose of the event is to remove those it says are “threatening our existence, our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution, our life. When the government becomes lawless, then ‘we the people’ no longer are obligated to follow the government…At this time the government is performing as a lawless entity.”

The federal government is not lawless. Most of us, while unhappy with the gridlock of Congress and the constant stream of lies from the White House, know that it is working for the most part within the constraints of the Constitution. If you want lawlessness, just show up to participate in Operation American Spring.

By contrast, note that there a legal suits in the courts challenging the legitimacy of Obamacare, a tax that was initiated in the Senate when only the House may authorize taxation, and there is congressional action proceeding on both the IRS actions and the deceptions put forth about the Benghazi attack. It’s not as if Congress is not taking action or that the courts are not proceeding to address these issues. They are.

Operation American Spring says its goal “is restoring the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land, removing the lawless leadership.” We have the means to do that. They are called elections and we have an important one in November.

Why can’t the organizers just wait until then? The answer is that they want the President and Attorney General and others it names removed now.

That’s not how our system works and we should all have real concern when Operation American Spring says “The militias across the United States are responding and mobilizing to the call to protect the Republic.” The problem with this is that a militia is defined as “a group of people who are not part of the armed forces of a country but are trained like soldiers.”

Operation American Spring is led by Col. Harry Riley, U.S. Army (Ret), a man who served 34 years in the military before retiring in 1992. Suffice to say he has had a remarkable career and has been the recipient of many awards including the Silver and Bronze Star. He says that what he is calling for is “civil disobedience” and he cites what occurred in Cairo in 2011 as an example, but those demonstrations were against a despot and resulted in the Egyptian military having to step in to remove duly elected members of the Muslim Brotherhood when their leader attempted to dispense with that nation’s constitution. That doesn’t even begin to describe the state of affairs in America today.

Obama had made it clear he would prefer to rule—not govern—by executive order and regards Congress as a nuisance, but he is not a despot. Not yet.

A massive march and occupation of the nation’s capital offers the perfect opportunity for what is known as a “false flag” event that would empower the President to declare martial law and unleash vast arrests and imprisonments that completely bypass the Bill of Rights.

By definition, a false flag operation is one in which elements within a government stage an attack, pretending to be a targeted enemy and then blaming it on those it seeks to control and subdue. Those would be the “patriots” who show up to achieve Operation American Spring’s goals.

Restoring the Constitution and the rule of law would literally require a second American Revolution and no one wants or needs that.

Washington, D.C. has hosted many major marches over the years. All have been conducted without violence. None have proposed taking over the government. It’s one thing to be unhappy with the President and his administration. It’s quite another to ignore the Constitution in the name of restoring it.

c Alan Caruba

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  • 8 thoughts on “Caruba: A Call for Anarchy, Not Patriotism on May 16

    1. Historically all Democracies eventually fail, America’s founders knew that. They set up a 3 tiered Democratic Republic in order to forestall that failure. Unfortunately that only works when the President, the Congress and the Courts don’t have their own personal agendas and instead follow the will of the majority.

    2. What we must understand here is that these people, and more and more Americans everyday, don’t believe or trust the “system in place” as you may put it. Yes wait until November, but then what…

      By the time they wait until November they are already behind the eight ball. The political machine is well oiled and knows how to work itself. These people are tired of the posts on Facebook calling for action when all you get is thousands of “likes” but no true action. Honestly America has had enough and this is probably just the start, whether that is good or bad, Obama has to know that declaring martial law is the exact thing these people probably truly want so the conspiracy theories can come to fruition.

    3. What do you do when Congress has abrogated its power to the President, when the Supreme Court LEGISLATES from the bench, (they are only SUPPOSED to issue OPINIONS, NOT LEGISLATE), and the President is clearly at LEAST a Socialist if not worse? The proof is his stance on wealth redistribution, just for starters.

      What do you do when the “judiciary” has been stacked in the FAR Left’s favor? What do you do when UN Agenda 21 and its people have infiltrated almost every locale in the country? The deck has been stacked against the people. Period. Do you really BELIEVE that Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are the “people’s choice for 2016 Republican candidates?” According to recent poles BY THE PEOPLE, they are both in the ONE PERCENT category, but yet we are told via the media that “they are the ‘most popular potential candidates’ among Republicans.” Really? We were also told that if we like our doctor we can keep him.

      Despot: “A king OR OTHER RULER with absolute, unlimited power; autocrat. 2. any tyrant or oppressor.” Obama says, “Since Congress can’t act, (meaning see things HIS WAY), he will just make executive orders to do what HE and the Left want to do. Isn’t it the JOB of Congress to keep the President in check? Has he not assumed “absolute power” already in essence? He has put in the NDAA bill that he can literally kidnap U.S. Citizens, torture them, and make them go away forever if he wants – i.e. kill them or lock them up indefinitely – even ship them to another country without any due process whatsoever – just because he wants to do it. Does this not conform to the definition of a “despot?”

      The author is correct in that it could give them an excuse for a false flag and they could declare Martial Law. Martial Law has already been declared a long time ago – they just don’t enforce it except when they want to in order to keep the dog and pony show going.

      We now have “Free Speech Zones.” There is NOTHING in the Constitution or the Articles of Confederation about “Free Speech Zones.” We are GUARANTEED Free Speech everywhere. We have “Gun Free Zones.” I must have missed that part when I read the 2nd Amendment. We have the 4th Amendment, which says nothing about “asset forfeiture from people off the streets,” (i.e. police stealing cash, and having the incentive to do so by being told that they can KEEP part of whatever they confiscate). Is this what the author calls “freedom?” How long do we just roll over and do nothing because it’s the “law.” The Supreme Court has said that an unconstitutional law is NO LAW AT ALL. The Bible says, “They make laws to do evil.” Both are true. Just a few thoughts for your and the author’s consideration.

    4. This article is full of bs….

      From the OAS Patriot’s Pledge comes a contrary view:

      I will abide by all laws written in compliance with our Constitution, and with respect to my God-given rights.
      I will conduct myself in a manner honoring our Founders, my Heritage, and my Fellow Americans.
      I will act with reverent respect to all those who have fought, and have fallen before me, in defense of LIBERTY.

    5. The problem is that the soap box dont work the ballot box is of no useanymore which leaves only the cartridge box

    6. I have just one problem with a major contradiction stated by the author. I qoute, “Restoring the Constitution and the rule of law would literally require a second American Revolution and no one wants or needs that.” Let’s think about this for a second. If the ONLY way to restore the constitution and rule of law is through a second American Revolution, granted, it’s understandable that people may not WANT it but why, especially when one surmises that is the way, would we not NEED it? Exactly how long must the people suffer? How far should the overreach and theft of the fruits of your labor be allowed to go? For the author, what level of encroachment and erosion of civil rights is accepted as the tipping point which drives this country to refresh that tree of liberty with the blood of patriots and tyrants? I ask all of these questions while knowing that during the Revolutionary War, only THREE percent of the people actually fought against Great Britain. Only TEN percent of the citizens actively supported that three percent. Approximately TWENTY percent considered themselves to be on the side of the Revolution, but they did not actively participate. Towards the end of the war, approximately THIRTY percent actually fought on the side of the British. The rest of the citizens had no disposition either way. They didn’t care. They didn’t want anything to do with what they deemed to simply be a political issue. The last three sentences are what I find most interesting because back then everyone was politically informed as opposed to now where almost everyone is universally ignorant to what the government does to us especially when it is done in the name of “public safety or security”. Just ask Obama supporters. In conclusion you can’t live under tyranny and, dually, consider yourself free. There is no precedent for secession but revolution is our right. It should be exercised lest we will lose it under government oppression. Let the flames begin…

    7. A most rational and salient analysis. While many of us readers appreciate the feelings and frustrations being expressed, I can’t help but think this is just the type of assembly that could end badly and give the opposition individuals an event that could be easily exploited.

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