Congressman Jim Bridenstine Demands to Know Why USDA Needs Machine Guns

USDA Arms Up
Congressman Jim Bridenstine Letter to USDA Regarding Gun and Ammo Request
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Washington, DC – After a backlash of complaints from concerned citizens, Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine puts the USDA on notice that he wants an explanation why the farm business development department of the U.S. Government needs an unknown quantity of .40 Cal. S&W submachine guns?

Says Congressman Jim Bridenstine “The fear of my constituents is that the USDA is expanding outside of its Intended mission.”

Speculating on their answer Bob Owens writes:

“They will no doubt attempt to justify their purchase of military hardware by explaining that they conduct criminal investigations and may need to do armed raids” , adding, “This is part of a trend to arm every branch of federal government, whether the individual agency has a legitimate need for a paramilitary force or not.”

Perhaps it’s nothing more than coincidence that just last month a feisty Nevada rancher named Cliven Bundy, together with a horse-riding posse of cowboys, squared off against the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over a little parcel of government property that Bundy claimed as his own and miraculously emerged victorious.

Judging by the timing of the USDA’s request for submachine guns, just one month after the Bundy embarrassment, it seems that the USDA, which oversees America’s vast tracks of forested land, may be preparing itself in the event some cowboys want their heads of cattle to munch government-owned grass.

Concerns over large ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security have raged over the past two years, although a recent Government Accountability Office investigationdownplayed the issue as nothing out of the ordinary.

Congressman Jim Bridenstine Letter to USDA Regarding Gun and Ammo Request

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About Oklahoma Congressman Jim Bridenstine:
Congressman Jim Bridenstine is a Navy pilot and combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and lives with his wife Michelle and their three children in Tulsa, OK.

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Silly people how do you the think the CIA gets arms for the “the right side” . Like arming the Syrians who armed ISIL . The Qatari’s were sold stinger missiles now in the hands of the Taliban.The missile serial number was found from a 2011 sale to Qatar , used against a U.S. Chinook helicopter July 25 2012 in Afghanistan.


Jim Bridenstine claims to be for limited federal government, yet he just voted against a bill that would end DEA raids on Medical Marijuana dispensaries in states where it’s legalized. Jim Bridenstine is a liar and hypocrite.


Does anyone remember when Obama was on the stump in 2008? He said we need a civilian authority as powerful as our military. In 1935 Germany these were known as “brownshirts”. Is that where we are heading with all the arming of USDA and others and the purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition?


I wonder how many of S&W’s top reps is smoozing the USDA? Hey if they do get the MGs I’m applying because you know they’ll need plenty of hands on MG and tactical training.


Darren, you also need to understand that there are millions of Veterans out here and WE know how to use all that hardware and WE know how the military works.


The real question is how many military personnel and government agency personnel will obey an order to attack American citizens. In the beginning most will obey orders, seeing the action as isolated incidences of crackpots acting out against the government but as the crisis grows more and more personnel will begin to see the true picture and switch sides.


Cowards can fight with machine guns but they can’t win. Firepower does not mean you know what you are doing or believe in it. The US citizen will always prevail over a bad government because we will pay the price and their gun bans mean nothing in war.


@Darren: You assume that rifles and shotguns and pistols (oh my) are the only weapons “civilians” have access to. Could be a fatal mistake.

Mark Are

Darren, you need to check out history a little closer. NEVER has a government that went up against an armed populace won. NEVER, not once. It doesn’t matter how many machine guns they have, if everyone that worked for the government got them maybe they would have 2 million troops. Well, that’s really a fair fight against 300 million pissed off citizens. Our military can’t even control a bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan and Iraq. You are effectively saying their are GIANTS in the land. Well, giants that live by the sword will die a slow painful death by… Read more »


In a widespread civil war “government” agents must go home to their families sometime. Will they and their families wear vests and carry their machine guns in Wal-mart? Civil wars tend to be very bloody. They last longer than a day or two. The Federal Government has killed men, women and children before. Bundy took a big risk. The question is not will the government win but how widespread the “war” becomes. Eastern, city people are complacent and not interested in the Constitution (new SUV and Big Screen are more important). Here in the West we see Federal abuse of… Read more »

John Carr

Darren remember one little thing. The American hunters are the largest army in the world, and most law enforcement officers are hunters, not to mention a large percentage of our military would defend the constitution as they swore to do.




Gun owners today can’t stand up to the law enforcement establishment much less the military. People that advocate civilian guns to counter-balance the government’s weapons are engaging in a dangerous fantasy that is rightly ridiculed. In the US since the government can’t disarm us completely they have armed themselves to the hilt. This has a similar effect as disarming us. One only needs look at the militarization of the law enforcement establishment to see this.