Dudley Brown & NAGR’s Despicable Deception

Dudley Brown
Dudley Brown
Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

BELLEVUE, WA –-(Ammoland.com)- Dudley Brown and his “National Association for Gun Rights” (NAGR) have built a reputation by attacking every other major gun rights organization and even pro-gun politicians, to the detriment of the gun rights movement.

His rhetoric has done more to marginalize Second Amendment activism than all of the slanders from gun prohibition lobbying groups combined.

Now Dudley has spewed his venom toward Alan Gottlieb, a true champion of Second Amendment advocacy with a proven track record of accomplishment. Gottlieb is founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), and chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA).

In his latest effort to raise money for his own self-aggrandizement, Dudley Brown has launched a vicious canard against Alan Gottlieb, accusing the veteran gun rights advocate of “Leading the fight for national gun registration.”

Alan Gottlieb has never advocated for gun registration in his life. His legislative efforts have been to prevent that, and Dudley knows it.

Sean Tonner, deputy chief of staff for former Republican Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, was quoted by The Denver Magazine , asserting, “All Dudley wanted to do was create controversy. He makes his money when there’s turmoil, real or perceived, because that’s what gets his members to write him checks.”

It is time to call Dudley what he is, a political bomb-throwing bully whose stock in trade is to incite distrust and discontent within the ranks of the gun rights movement to enhance his own fund-raising efforts and power base.

Instead of directing his energies toward fighting the real enemy, Dudley Brown has attacked other gun rights organizations in an effort to elevate his own group, but at what cost to gun rights?

Perhaps he believes the only way to raise his own status outside the borders of Colorado is to trample on people and organizations with whom he should be allied for the common cause of advancing Second Amendment rights, rather than inflating his own ego.

When anti-gunners see people in the gun rights movement attacking one another they cheer. Such vicious attacks provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment Foundation has championed gun rights legal actions and won in federal courts and the U.S. Supreme Court. Remember, it was SAF that took McDonald v. City of Chicago to the Supreme Court and won. Where was Dudley?

SAF and CCRKBA have conducted the annual Gun Rights Policy Conference for more than 25 years, bringing together major gun rights leaders with grassroots activists to unify and expand the gun rights movement. Where was Dudley?

When SAF and the National Rifle Association joined forces to stop the unconstitutional gun grab in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, where was Dudley?

When SAF and NRA joined forces to defeat the San Francisco gun ban, where was Dudley?

When SAF, NRA and CCRKBA joined forces to defeat the City of Seattle’s parks gun ban – thus strengthening state preemption in Washington state and providing a lesson for anyone who might challenge other states’ preemption laws, where was Dudley?

When the International Association for the Protection of Civilian Arms Rights (IAPCAR) was created, Alan Gottlieb was there to help bring together an organization that now has member groups from every continent and several nations. Where was Dudley?

When multi-national gun rights organizations gather in Europe to resist global gun control efforts, Alan Gottlieb is there, but where is Dudley?

Where is Dudley? We’ll ask again: WHERE – IS – DUDLEY? He is AWOL!

CCRKBA is currently fighting oppressive gun control legislation in Washington State, to prevent passage of the kind of gun laws that were adopted in Colorado, right under Dudley’s nose. Instead of isolating CCRKBA – as is Dudley’s “my way or the highway” style – Alan Gottlieb has helped bring together a coalition of organizations that includes gun collectors, hunters, competitors and law enforcement professionals. Their goal is to prevent expansion of federally-mandated background checks and state handgun registration, and prohibit government gun confiscation (a’la post-Katrina New Orleans).

Where is Dudley now? Maybe he’s trying to figure out how to exploit this battle to raise funds that would never be spent in Washington State, and perhaps even to scuttle the grassroots gun rights effort there. Remember, his forte is to create turmoil, exploit it and raise money from it, not win battles.


Two years ago, Dudley tried to claim credit for a lawsuit victory that wasn’t his, in a case he didn’t pay for.

When Students for Concealed Carry won a judgment against the University of Colorado, Dudley created the impression that it was his victory, claiming in an e-mail fund-raiser that his “National Foundation for Gun Rights” and Dudley’s Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO) had “successfully overturned the college campus gun ban in the Colorado Supreme Court.”

SCC President Daniel Crocker sent a blistering letter to Dudley that criticized him for “misleading remarks for the pecuniary gain of your organizations…”

In that letter, Crocker stated that Dudley’s message was “not only misleading but patently false.”

What was Dudley’s contribution to that case? RMGO provided an amicus brief. Alan Gottlieb and SAF also filed an amicus brief in that case, but they never claimed credit for winning the case.

Dudley claimed to be at the United Nations for the Arms Trade Treaty conference, yet nobody saw him in the building, but they did see Alan Gottlieb there, fighting to protect Americans’ gun rights.


Last year, the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance felt it necessary to respond to one of Brown’s e-mails regarding legislation that the MGOCRA had been supporting. Without naming him, the group posted a message on it’s Facebook page stating,;

“There is an inflammatory email being sent to Minnesotans by an out-of-state individual who has never actually accomplished anything for Minnesota gun rights (or those of any other state that we can see).

“The real purpose of this email is the same as all the rest of the emails this individual sends: to solicit donations,” the message added.

Last year, when NAGR launched an attack fund raiser against Wayne LaPierre and the National Rifle Association, gun owners in North Carolina became fed up. Some members of the NC Gun Owners forum asked questions such as;

“Where was Dudley Brown during the Senate hearing on AWB and Magazine limitations?” Another observed, “I never liked an organization or person trying to build themselves up by putting others down.” A third noted, “I have not supported them at all, as I feel they are opportunists that seem to be looking for donations more than actually helping the fight.”

While SAF has as its motto “Winning firearms freedom one lawsuit at a time,” and CCRKBA’s motto is “The Common Sense Gun Lobby,” Dudley may as well say that his motto is “Destroying the gun rights movement from within, one selfish attack at a time.”

We have never made it a practice to disparage other gun rights organizations. That’s not constructive, nor does it further the cause of Second Amendment freedom. We are all supposed to be in this fight together.

However, we cannot ignore this calumny, especially from someone whose rhetoric has gun owners constantly fighting one another, rather than uniting against a common enemy.

What Dudley Brown and NAGR have done with his e-mail attack on Alan Gottlieb is deliberately divisive, disturbingly deceitful and downright despicable.

And Alan Gottlieb isn’t asking for a penny from anyone with this e-mail. He’s just setting the record straight.

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Dudley Brown’s War – 5280

“Brown, a Wyoming native, was primarily raised in South Dakota but didn’t embrace guns much until attending Colorado State University. He also apparently got into drugs, copping to a use of controlled substance charge in 1988. Today, he shrugs: “I did stupid things in college. I don’t think I’m the first.”

From all accounts he sounds like a real fine fellow. That was sarcasm for the less adroit of you.

Elisa Delaurenti

He is SLEAZY SCUM and always has been.

Elisa Delaurenti

And today, these dirty rotten SOB’s are attempting to wreck Montana’s gun laws and legislation. I caught them back in 2009 when they attempted to claim credit for, and fundraise off of, our “Montana Firearms Freedom Act”. I warned them at that time, in no uncertain terms, to STAY OUT OF MONTANA AND STAY AWAY FROM OUR GUN RIGHTS HERE. Until yesterday, we didn’t see them anywhere here. And yesterday, they had the NERVE to show up at OUR Judiciary Committee hearing for the MSSA’s flagship bill HB102 and pushing their BS AMENDMENTS. These aholes are now on my list.… Read more »


I joined NAGR because I thought they would be a good advocate for second amendment rights and collaborate with the NRA and other organizations who have the same goals and philosophy. I cannot tell you how much I regret that decision. I won’t even get into their legitimacy or value to the cause because at this point, I don’t give a sh!t. The SOBs sold my email address the second they got it and many hundreds of spam emails later, I am throwing in the towel and giving up the email address I had for 10 years. If you join… Read more »


They don’t even have a login page where you can check or cancel your account.

Dave in Fairfax

Report them to spamhaus


I’ve wondered if Dudley Brown wasn’t merely taking resources from established Guns Rights organizations like the above mentioned & the NRA/ILA.

Donald L. Cline

There is no doubt of it. When NAGR first started, I sent them a blistering letter complaining that we didn’t need another Johnny-come-lately siphoning money away from the established organizations who knew what they were doing. That was years ago, and I have heard nothing but bad about them ever since. Just yesterday I received their ‘Contribution and direction” form in the mail, and tore it into little piece immediately. I should have returned it postage-collect tied to a cement brick.


Here is the text of an e-mail I sent to Dudley Brown in mid-August 2011 after Tim Pawlenty lost in an Iowa straw poll. In my opinion, Dudley Brown is nothing more than a fund raiser with little to actually (and demonstrably) show for it – except perhaps a very healthy organizational bank account. There are always people who prey on those who want to be THE most conservative, or THE most pure of purpose, or who want to avoid appearing (or being accused of being) “moderate.” Dudley Brown is the one who preys on these types of individuals. *****… Read more »

Gary L

I used to donate to this group but heard stories like this over time. Now I know this guy is bad news. I won’t be donating to the NAGR anymore.

Mariah Riley

How did you sop your donations? Once I found out how terrible he was I tried. I’ve tried multiple different ways and can’t figure it out.

Dave in Fairfax

It isn’t hard to stop donations, don’t give them money. If they are billing a CC, call the card and dispute the charges.

The Rifleman

WOW! This is really disturbing news for sure! Assuming that what I just read here is reliable and totally true, I will now be blocking all emails from Dudley Brown and/or any associates thereof. Thanks for exposing this charlatan for what he really is all about!

Alan Robbins

Thank you for the heads up. I suspected NAGR was quite radical and engaged in money-grabbing schemes. Now I know. Their incessant e-mail pleas for more money will go into my junk folder from now on.


I know first hand he has seriously done damage and ticked off pro-Second Amendment state senators and reps–state senator one told me he would have Dudley or any of his people arrested by the State patrol (guards) if they ever came to his office again in the capitol. I watched just five feet away as his legislative guy got physically thrown out out of our (CO) state capitol building for threatening a pro-gun rep. I watched this gold digger time and time again try and succeed in convincing the dummys in his organization that he was involved in pro gun… Read more »

Ken Windeler

I’ve gotten hysterical emails from this charlatan, and donated to them once. But then I got emails about pending legislation that was DOA, and or old news.
The NRA probably deserves some criticism at times, but not from a phoney baloney.
I’ve been following the gun control debate for 40 years and I know Gottlieb’s record.
And yes the big question is: “Where is Dudley?”


I have heard him bad mouthing the NRA and I jumped on him about this, probably to deaf ears. We are all in the same fight. We are here to attack gun grabbers period. Attacking each other is doing nothing but making us weak. This is a gun grabber dream come true. He is playing into their hands and has no business in our business.

Carl Stevenson

Yes, all Dudley and “NAGR” ever do is beg for money and bad mouth those who actually DO something to protect our rights.
I wish he’d lose my email address. I’m sick of his deceptive bullshit.


He is a real piece of work. I just disregard anything that comes out of his mouth.


All those gun rights organizations want your donations. The real question is, pardon the pun, which one gives you the most ‘bang for your buck’? I think everyone should first become an NRA member, and then, if able, join another. If this civil rights battle is lost you can bet the government will be ‘mandating’ more things than government run ‘health care’


Brown harassed me via email for yrs asking for money, every time in hit the unsubscribe button it doubled the number of emails arriving everyday. My ISP finally blocked all of the trash from him. We already have enough friends like haas, everet, shannon demander and her pimp bloomburg, brown fits right in with that cult.

Bob Shell

Yes he is too aggressive in collecting money that I don’t know where it goes. I get deluded with e-mails every day from him & his cronies. I am dropping out of his outfit