Emanuel Pushes to Require Video Harassment of All Lawful Gun Sales in Chicago

By AWR Hawkins

Rahm Emanuel Getting Close with Obama
Rahm Emanuel's anti gun politics are to close to Obama's for comfort.
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pushing an ordinance that will ban gun stores in “99.5 percent” of the city and require video recording of all gun sales at the stores that are allowed to exist.

The ordinance will also require the few gun stores that exist to perform “quarterly audits of their gun sales and allow police to inspect their records.”

According to CBS Local, this stringent ordinance comes in response to a “federal judge's ruling in January that Chicago's longtime ban on gun stores was unconstitutional.” Chicago was given “six months to approve store restrictions short of a ban.”

Emanuel's ordinance would also “require gun stores to submit a safety plan outlining exterior lighting, surveillance cameras and alarm systems, as well as storage of guns and ammunition.” Store employees would “undergo fingerprinting, background checks and training on identifying potential gun traffickers.”

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  • 15 thoughts on “Emanuel Pushes to Require Video Harassment of All Lawful Gun Sales in Chicago

    1. Unfortunately(or maybe not), this touching photo doesn’t show both of them in their hip-boots straggling along behind a flock of unsuspecting EWE’s.

    2. In a little over two years this african born, muslim, obama will be out of office ! But if the hillary follows we aint got anywhere ! Register to vote for the Nov. mid-terms ! That is so critical ! At least we will be able to minimize the amount of damage the hsexuals can do !

    3. Another little man with a nasty attitude (now mayor of Chicago) like the other nasty little man who was mayor of New York–and now replaced with an admitted Communist. Look, we cannot blame these nasty liberals and Communist politicians FOR WHAT THEY ARE, we can only blame the liberal idiots and they are mostly Jews (and that is NOT a bad word) who elect them–and Jews For The Preservation of Firearm Ownership will agree. JPFO,is an excellent organization, check them out. And now, by the way, these liberals are now retiring into Florida and changing the voting base down there quickly!

    4. “fingerprinting, background checks, and training”.

      How about we demand the same thing of “public servants”, ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS.

    5. Those two almost look like they are going to jump into bed, of course what can you expect from a pair of homos that want to disarm this country. Things are not going to end well for the people of this nation with idiots like those two running things.

    6. Smack of 1930’s Germany……..but I expect nothing less of the Rahmster. Rhymes with Hamster…..same beady eyes.

    7. What’s to expect from Chicago…Where every politician is a crook!…And where the dead vote the Democratic party line!

    8. Oh! In other words, if enacted, gun retailers are expected to pick up the ‘tab’ and perform ‘record keeping’ duties that are really a function of the Chicago government’s local regulations. How’s that for interfering with lawful commerce?

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