Etiwanda CA Brush Fire Nearly Contained After Scorching Over 2,000 Acres

By Justin Stakes

Etiwanda Fire
Fueled by Santa Ana Winds, The Etiwanda Fire scorched over 2,000 acres
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA. -( Hundreds of firefighters from multiple crews have been persistently battling an outdoor brush fire that has blazing out of control since last Wednesday.

The initial fire broke out on Wednesday morning and has continued to incessantly spread its flames across and throughout the Day Canyon hillsides located directly above the Etiwanda Preserve.

The outdoor wildfire was initially reported to the U.S. Forest Service around 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning near the Etiwanda Canyon Preserve. The blaze swiftly began to head south due to overwhelming gales that appeared to be helping the flames jump from one neighborhood to the next. With crew members having to rely solely on a ground initiative, due to gales gusting too wildly for aircraft support.

At one point, the U.S. Forest Service clocked in gusts of wind at speeds over 80mph.

Etiwanda Fire
Etiwanda Fire

The fire began threatening residents as it advanced further towards local housing. Not willing to take any further chances, residents threatened by the fire rushed to evacuate as the flames grew closer to their homes. There were a few brave citizens who decided to wait nearby with hoses in hand as a way to keep watch of the fire’s movement and warn unsuspecting neighbors despite being told to evacuate by local authorities.

In an effort to try and extinguish the fire, crew members brought in bulldozers to help move the soil and rubble around the flames in order to try and contain the situation with only a momentary success.

What began as a simple brush fire has fulminated into 2,200 acres of scorched and soot ridden brush.

The flames smoldering on the outskirts of Rancho Cucamonga were said to be triggered by an illegal campfire that had embers remaining live for a number of days before the gales began to blow the scorching embers into a nearby brush. The investigation led detectives towards the remote area of Day Canyon where they discovered evidence of an illegal campfire near the origin of the blaze.

Etiwanda Fire
Etiwanda Fire

The fire was discovered to have originated from a common forest area that is undesignated for campfires unlike encampments and picnic zones that are specifically chosen by the U.S. Forest Service.

As of now the Etiwanda fire is 98% contained according to the U.S. National Forest’s online occurrence report.

The Northern part of the Etiwanda Preserve has also been closed for the general safety of the public since the fire began.



Etiwanda Preserve Closed
Etiwanda Preserve Closed for Public’s Saftey


Article by Justin Stakes
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