Gabrielle Giffords: ‘Women’s Lives Are at Stake’ in Gun Control Debate…Really?

By AWR Hawkins

Gabrielle Giffords
Gabrielle Giffords: ‘Women's Lives Are at Stake' in Gun Control Debate
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  As part of her continued push for gun control, Gabrielle Giffords told members of the Senate Judiciary Committee that “women's lives are at stake” in the debate over guns.

According to the NY Daily News, Giffords was on Capitol Hill May 1st to meet with senators about “legislation that would bar domestic abusers from buying guns.”

Giffords said, “A gun in a household with a history of domestic violence increases the risk that a woman will be killed there by 20 times, compared to households without guns.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) “enthusiastically agreed” and is setting up the hearing “on guns and domestic violence” that Giffords requested.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Gabrielle Giffords: ‘Women’s Lives Are at Stake’ in Gun Control Debate…Really?

    1. I think you all are missing the point. She is saying that men who beat women shouldn’t have access to guns. What’s the problem with that?

      1. @Mark,how the hell did you come up with that ? The crazy bi*tch and the space cadet want to disarm lawabiding firearms owners ! We ain’t missing any point at all !

    2. That Bullet she got really messed her up. She is anti-gun all the way. I understand women are at risk all the time. But a well armed women can stop it before she get killed or hurt.

    3. Yes, Giffords is right women’s lives are ar stake. So when you pass another useless law those who suffer will be the women because they won’t have access to a firearm to protect themselves.
      Also it is know that Giffords & her other half are in the gun control business for the money so be sure to donate $ to one of their websites.

    4. Yes, and so are the lives of men. Why is Giffords implying that women have a greater need to be protected?

      As for the domestic abuse issue, apparently Giffords has never actually read a 4473 form, since it’s plain as day that those convicted of domestic violence cannot legally obtain guns. If we are to “tighten” this, we’ll have to start violating people’s human right of self-defense without due process (i.e. without them being convicted of anything).

    5. Another comment of mine not posted…I swear this site is messed up or my comments are being censored…Probably the latter…Just saying!

    6. Good read…Congratulations to your sister…The more anti-gun laws that are passed the more dangers we will face in and out of our homes…As for Gabby Giffords and her husband…The latter person is totally brain dead!

    7. Yes, women’s lives are at stake. When my sister lived in Tennessee she advocated gun control, and she stated that she supported a total ban on handguns. When she moved to Atlanta with its high rate of violent crime her views changed, and she got her firearms carry permit, took up shooting as a sport, and became an excellent marksman. In two separate incidents attackers tried to force their way into her car while she was stopped at traffic lights, and both times, she brandished her Glock pistol, and both times the attackers fled.

      Women are increasing learning that “Big Brother/Nanny State” government will not be there to protect them, and women must take responsibility for their own safety. Further restrictions on our Constitutional right to keep and BEAR arms will only result in more women being murdered.

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