Gilligan’s Island, Drones & Big Government, Food for Thought

By James White

Hunting Drones
Hunting Drones
NorthWest Liberty News
NorthWest Liberty News

Montana – -(  People, in general, are not that complicated.  Sure you have anomalies in this regard, but overall humans are fairly predictable.

One of the individuals who really grasped this concept, and shared it with many governments and corporations, was Edward Bernays.

If you haven’t read his ground-breaking book, Propaganda, try to purchase a copy before the day is out.  It’s a fairly small book, and a fairly quick read.  Looks like you can read it online here.

As I stated earlier, Bernays worked closely with some of the largest corporations in the world (GM, GE, etc…), to shape advertising campaigns that would result in increased sales, and increased brand recognition.

Bernays, perhaps more than anyone before or since, was responsible for converting the human psychological condition into dollars.  He did this mainly through psychological conditioning; as he was known as “the father of public relations.”   As I also stated previously, Bernays worked with governments as well, although I do not have a specific list of his clients.

However, one would be foolish not to see the potential crossover of propaganda used for increased sales, to propaganda used for increased government.

The idea of Drones, and using them in warfare, is pretty commonplace these days.  Even Barack Obama has referenced Predator Drones on at least one occasion.  But, how does the idea of using drones get to be part of our daily conversation?

When you think about it, the idea of blowing someone to smithereens from 1 or 2 miles away is horrific on its face.  However, many seem to think it “ok” as long as it’s not them in the cross hairs.  Well, to those individuals I would simply say, it’s not a matter of if you will be in the cross hairs, but when.

Back to the topic, do corporations use media, specifically television, to shape mass consciousness?  More specifically, did CBS use an episode of Gilligan’s Island to implant the idea of Remote Controlled Drones into the collective conscious of America?

Of course, I do not have the factual evidence to answer that question.  I do, however, have a video clip of the episode which I have included below.  To those of us in the know, Operation Northwoods may come to mind as far as the arena of Remote Controlled Drones are concerned.  However, keep in mind that Operation Northwoods was a secret endeavor, and by no means propagandized to the general public.

Additionally, the American population has been told that the idea of drones is a fairly new one, and one that has only really gained widespread attention in the 21st century.  The clip below is from 1966.

Coincidence, or an attempt at conditioning?  I guess that would be for each of you to decide.

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Remote Controlled Drones…..
those would be your average Low-Information-Voter, right?


Remember the mind control of the government that hippies in the 60’s were preaching and the government sold them as nut jobs? It has come home to roost.