Gun Control to Mind Control, Obama Motivates, Funds ‘Behavioral’ Scientists

BRIAN Initiative
“Whoever controls people’s minds controls everything.” “BRAIN” Program Designed to Physically Modify Behavior”

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

According to a recent report, “The BRAIN Initiative” (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies), could surpass the work of presidents Roosevelt (Manhattan Project for the atom bomb, 1942-1945, $26 billion in 2013 dollars, 100,000+ people); Kennedy (men on the moon, 1963-1969, $134 billion, 400,000+ people); and Clinton (the human genome project, 1990-1993, $4.6 billion, “thousands” of people).

And it could be the greatest legacy of the Obama administration, they say.

Though initial funding, announced on April 2, 2013, is small [Note: $100 million is now “small”; Wikipedia suggests it’s $300 million per year for 10 years], increases are expected, and the private sector is doing well-funded parallel work to unravel the secret workings of the human brain and mind.

The White House description of what they’re doing includes how Obama: “will direct his Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues to explore the ethical, legal and societal implications raised,” by this and similar projects.:

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

According to reports, Obama’s greatest achievement (that’s what they call it) — but potentially most serious threat to freedom and The American Way — may be his slightly below-radar science project, to map the entire human brain and exercise control over how it works. I’m not making this up.

News” outlets somehow failed to mention the brain-control aspect of the program, even though it is part of the openly public record and plan. A Science News report in mid-February brought it back to light.

Presented on its surface as a way to cure disease, ease human suffering and advance the boundaries of human knowledge, the dark side of the project is immediately obvious. This is marginally recognized by the promoters of the plan, from Obama with his promise to review the ethics and societal impact, to rank and file workers who can’t figure out what name to give it so the public will more easily accept it.

A person would have to assume scientists are immune to imagination, have never seen a mind-control sci-fi movie, and have never watched a harmless science project turn into a horrific weapon. Only we the people think of such things.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is leading the research.

Their federal grant is the biggest so far. Created to avoid surprises like the Soviet launch of Sputnik, DARPA’s mission includes developing new technologies for use by the military, and it also includes creating technological and strategic “surprises” for our enemies (their phrases). “Creating breakthrough technologies for national security is the mission of DARPA” (opening line of their mission statement).

The Wikipedia entry on the BRAIN Initiative is surprisingly short, q.v. According to Science News (2/22/14), “Before doctors can fix the brain, scientists must first understand how it works.” Under any federal administration, not just the current one, “fixing the brain” may not be all flowers and light.

A cubic centimeter (very small piece) is believed to store more information than the Library of Congress, and with trillions of connections, 100 billion cells and possibly a lot more than just wet physics and chemistry involved, the very souls of humanity are under this new government microscope. “Success would change the world,” Science News states.

The magazine reports the initiative seeks “to develop new technologies to measure and manipulate the brain,” and to “explore how cells and molecules create thought and behavior,” and to “build powerful new weapons for neutralizing the pathological enemies of the brain and mind.” This is perfectly harmless, coming from a benevolent government here to help you. A look at the language used might imply otherwise: “powerful new weapons,” to “neutralize pathological enemies.

It’s a paradox really. Advancing scientific understanding of ourselves is a good thing, with all sorts of benefits. The potential for abuse though, which may be built right in, is monstrous. Private and government agencies are already at odds over how to proceed, and are complaining the funding is inadequate. “It isn’t clear what victory will look like on this project,” one scientist laments, from the National Institute of Mental Health.


In mapping out goals, which are in disarray, the National Institute of Health, according to Science News, has nine preliminary ideas, including, “developing techniques that can eavesdrop on many neurons at the same time and allow scientists not just to listen in, but to change how the neurons behave.”

DARPA, which is spending $50 million, wants to create a device that can listen to “abnormal” electrical signals in the brain and correct them, reportedly to help military personnel with psychiatric disorders and brain injuries. It doesn’t seem like a big step to move from sick people to everyone else, but this is not mentioned. Page Nine readers are now all wondering how this thing could be weaponized, and how far along that process already is.

An official with DARPA points out, “We serve a constituency,” namely solders, including those with mental problems. They’re interested in equipment that can “both diagnose and treat mental health problems,” which is a good thing. The device would listen to your brain, pick up abnormal signals, and then correct them. Correct them to what, and who decides what’s abnormal, was not addressed, at least publicly. They admit there is much to be done before testing in people can begin, which they’d like to see around 2017.

Another goal is development of implantable microchips that send wirelessly. It’s time to move beyond cumbersome hard-wired probes that only work in sterile lab settings and cannot read numerous signals at once, from a distance, scientists say.

The capability of observing and recording huge numbers of brain cells, and then manipulating them in a “fully awake behaving animal, or person,” is called “a breathtaking vision,” by one of the methodical scientists involved.

At a recent series of nationwide symposia on identifying mass murderers before they act out, that this observer was able to attend, doctors and researchers lamented the lack of tools and methods for determining what’s actually going on in peoples’ brains. They wish for ways to measure what, up to now, is the vague and cloudy pseudo-science of psychoanalysis, and find foolproof methods for changing behavior. Extremely talented researchers are working on those problems full time.

At the very least, we may be on the threshold of an infallible lie detector, and at worst, behavior modification tools that will, at last, soothe the savage beast within. The benefits to anyone who needs a lobotomy could be enormous.

In their search for a snappy one-liner on which to sell the idea to the public (they’re actually doing this) and more important, to denizens of Congress who will fund it, their brainstorms haven’t yielded anything significant yet. That question, “creates real tension,” says one member of the panel working on it. Considering their stated motives, which include “optimizing” classrooms, military training camps and courtrooms, this comes as no surprise, despite the banter about curing the sick.

I’ll be taking bets on names that will not be used, including: DARPA — We can read your mind, We know what you think, No more secrets, Lipstick On Your Collar, and Managing brains for the betterment of governance.

Big Brother move over, Oh Brother is here.

Meanwhile, in other news, Americans are preoccupied with Mr. Obama’s:

  • 1) failure to investigate IRS criminal activity,
  • 2) takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy with ObamaCare,
  • 3) NSA spying on Americans,
  • 4) ATF gun running to drug lords,
  • 5) BLM treating landowners in debt like terrorists,
  • 6) stable of 39 appointed czars (I’ll run the list next time)
  • 7) and perhaps greatest of all: his direct usurpation of undelegated powers to amend legislation without acts of Congress — without a response from Congress.

The last one makes you wonder if what some people are starting to say is true: “They’re all in on it.”

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The book: “Twelve Years in the Grave – Mind Control with Electromagnetic Spectrums, the Invisible Modern Concentration Camp”, is helping the public understand voice-to-skull, and remote electromagnetic mind control technologies. It provides the sound facts and evidence about the secret abuse and torture with such technologies.


Well, if a black can’t say he doesn’t like me, in public, and I can’t say the same about him, this is our loss of freedom of speech and government mind control. There is no other way to look at it. Anyone has a right to not like anyone else and not have to apologize or be punished.


Who reviews comments for appropriate and politically correct content?


Mind control was weaponized by Nazi Germany in 1929, flashing short slogans in movie theaters, read directly by the subconscious mind. Two parasites control the behavior of their hosts for their own nefarious breeding purposes–the well known cat ‘disease’ that is dangerous to pregnant women (the one that causes rodents to lurk around cat urine to be eaten and another more poetic that causes ants to cling to the furthest point of grass blades, waiting anxiously to be eaten by ruminants. Hypno-regression and implantation of memory more real than actual memory, is well recognized now, and the 1950s direct brain… Read more »

Carol Olson

The list of other things (above) might be on their list of things to be deleted from the brain. Plus can you imagine the boon to a shrinks income. You bet they’d find things to correct. We could all run around like programed robots. What a future???? I think it stinks.


Progressive politicians would really seize power if they could just lobotomize gun owning voters.