Jack in the Box Would ‘Prefer’ Guests Not Bring Guns Inside Restaurants

By AWR Hawkins

Jack in the Box Guns
Jack in the Box Would ‘Prefer' Guests Not Bring Guns Inside Restaurants
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On May 9th 2014 Jack in the Box announced it would “prefer guests not bring their guns inside [Jack in the Box] restaurants.”

This announcement comes in response to a Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (Moms Demand) campaign aimed at securing an all-out gun ban in Jack in the Box corporate stores. Moms Demand also wanted franchises to be pressured into banning guns as well.

Moms Demand started the campaign after customers legally carried their rifles into a Fort Worth, Texas, Jack in the Box last week.

Jack in the Box's VP of Corporate Communications Brian Luscomb released the following statement in response to the campaign:

Creating a warm and inviting environment for all of our guests and employees is a top priority for Jack in the Box. The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences. While we respect the rights of all our guests, we would prefer that guests not bring their guns inside our restaurants.

Moms Demand campaigned for Starbucks to ban guns last year after customers carried their firearms openly in the coffee giant's franchises. On September 18th Breitbart News reported Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz refused to ban guns. Instead, Schultz simply asked pro-gun customers to be less flamboyant in the way they handled the issue.

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  • 9 thoughts on “Jack in the Box Would ‘Prefer’ Guests Not Bring Guns Inside Restaurants

    1. Well, it you don’t agree with them, don’t ever go back in their establishment until they change their minds!

    2. Hey, Mac, what about “the right of the people to keep (own) and bear (carry) arms shall not be infringed” do you not understand?

    3. Dear Mac – I see the same kind of post from people, like you, that question the open carry concept. I shoot regularly at competitions where they also often have a lunch at the range. People standing around with guns on their hips, talking and eating, having a good day. If people knew more about guns, saw them more often, maybe talked to people who have them, you might see the anti-gunners lose their grip on the media. But if you are concerned about ruffling feathers – then I ask you to think about your feelings regarding guns. There is no more effective way to bring things into focus than having the ‘issue’, guns right out there. By the way, individual Jack-in-the-Box stores may have posted a ‘no firearms’ sign, but that is NOT what the missive from Mr. Jack said. So when you are giving the sound advice to use common sense, think about that yourself before you over react.

      1. Funny, but when I am at the range and having lunch or a cup of coffee, my rifle and shotgun are in the gun rack. If you carry concealed, Jack will have no problem. If customers avoid my restaurant because of open carry patrons, I would “prefer” you to not open carry (unless, of course, open carry customers are filling my cash register). If you come to my house armed, I will provide a convenient, secure from kids place to hang or stack your firearm.
        Just sayin’.

      2. If you scare off my customers, I will ask you to not open carry. Similarly, if your scary clown costume empties my restaurant, I will ask you to remove it. Pay my bills and assure me a livable wage – mi casa es su casa.

    4. For the life of me I can not see how walking into a store or a place to eat with a rifle slung over your shoulder is going to help the pro gun cause. If we “gun owners” keep pulling these stupid publicity stunts pretty soon every store will have off limit signs posted. Yea I know “it’s our right” It’s also their right to post the places off limits when they get all the media attention from these stunts. Every thing would have been fine if these “it’s our right” gun owners had not pulled such a public stunt. Now another restaurant chain is off limits to all of us including CCW holders. Keep up the dumb stunts and pretty soon we won’t be able to carry in any public place. Yes it is your right but with that right comes a wee bit of common sense. These stunts are doing way more harm than good.

    5. If Moms Demand demanded their ‘kids’ to grow up and act responsibly we might not be having this discussion?

    6. My letter to Jack:

      I’m sure by now you have started to feel the fallout of your new anti-gun policy aimed at ARMED LAW ABIDING CITIZENS being able to carry firearms in your stores. I do think it’s pathetic how you issue a statement about respecting our rights and in the same breath tell us we don’t have those rights in your stores anymore. Do you really think the bad guys who enters your store to do harm to me, my family you’re staff and customers will read a NO GUN ALLOWED sign or follow your NO GUNS ALLOWED policy? What I am also wondering is, if God forbid someone with evil intentions comes into any store and begins shooting, who is going to protect us? My gun is now in my car because I am a law abiding citizen and follow rules and now I’m thinking how many of us will die because you took our right to defend ourselves away because you’re being PC and/or worrying about your bottom line. In the time it takes any police officer to get to that store and mind you they won’t enter if someone is armed and or shooting, many of us could or will be dead. You seem to be plagued like many Americans with a bad memory and don’t seem to learn from what history has taught us, “BAD GUYS DON’T FOLLOW RULES.” Plus you seem to think the few anti-gun groups wants are more important than the needs of the millions of law abiding people who eat at your stores. I hope you think some more about this negative policy that infringes on millions of armed Americans right to carry for self-defense. In the mean time I will give my money to my 24 hour McDonalds and I will post this story and my response to many more forms of social media in attempts to change your mind about this poorly though out idea. I’m sure my letter won’t be your last…

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