Jim Zumbo’s Life Story to be Published as a Novel in 2015


Jim Zumbo
Jim Zumbo & K.J. Houtman
Jim Zumbo

Minneapolis, Mn. -(Ammoland.com)— Based on a true story, author K.J. Houtman will capture Jim Zumbo’s life in a novel entitled Zumbo.

Scheduled release is November of 2015. The book will be available in a limited collector’s edition leather-bound hardcover as well as paperback and e-book.

Fish On Marketing, Houtman’s independent publishing company, will publish the book.

Zumbo achieved International media attention in 2007 for a controversial blog that cost him his job as hunting editor of Outdoor Life magazine.

“If you look up Zumbo in the urban dictionary, it says ‘someone who talks out of ignorance,’” said Houtman.

“The chapter around the blog will cover all the reasons it was published, but Jim Zumbo’s life before the blog is incredibly fascinating as well as the series of events that transpired afterwards. It is a story that needs completion to understand it fully, and I’m honored to be able to tell it.” Houtman is the author of six books.

“I’m confident K.J. Houtman can tell this story, I like her writing style and talent,” said Zumbo from a hunting camp in Montana.

This week he’s camp chef and turkey guide for some important volunteers with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

“After the SHOT show in January, I was ready to take on the project.”

In January, Zumbo received the coveted Grits Gresham award at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) industry dinner, awarded by the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA). Both Houtman and Zumbo are board members of POMA.

“I was totally prepared for boos and rotten tomatoes when they called my name for the award,” said Zumbo, “but instead was given a standing ovation as I arrived and left the podium. That changed a lot for me.”

Tom Gresham, son of Grits Gresham presented the award that night.

“No one, other than Barack Obama perhaps, can be credited with the sale of so many ARs,” he quipped.

It is true. Zumbo placed the conversation about modern sporting rifles into the public narrative in 2007 with his infamous blog. We all know what happened to the size and scope of that niche market in the shooting sports industry. It has grown incredibly.

“He’s iconic,” continued Houtman.

“Like him or not, know what he said or not, agree with him or not—he is one of the best known figures in modern outdoor sports. I know that the full story will surprise some.”

Artist Michael Tabor of California is designing the cover art for the publisher.

“Michael is a very talented artist, and we are thrilled to have him on our team,” concluded Houtman. Zumbo’s friend and Outdoor Life magazine colleague Pat McManus has agreed to write the forward for the book.

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The Rifleman

A very good point Chuck! As sad as that is, you are absolutely right about that!


The story was not given as to why he lost his job, but I would take it that he was exercising his freedom of speech and that did it. Common thing in this country now.

John Taylor

One wonders why fiction, if Zumbo’s life is all that fascinating? I have nothing against the man; he reaped only what he sowed.

There are unfounded rumors that, if this novel sells well, there will be a sequel entitled “Metcalf”. (No apology … couldn’t resist.)