Man Behind Guns & Ammo Mag, Sportsman Channel is Democrat Fundraiser

By AWR Hawkins

Leo Hindery Jr
Leo Hindery Jr: the Man Behind Guns & Ammo Mag, Sportsman Channel is Democrat Fundraiser
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Leo Hindery Jr. is a Democrat-fundraiser and donor whose private equity firm owns InterMedia Outdoors, which publishes Guns & Ammo magazine and the Sportsman Channel.

His equity firm also publishes Rifle Shooter, Shooting Times, and Handguns.

According to Politico, Hindery “personally contributed more than $1 million to the Democratic National Committee Campaign under [former Senate majority leader] Tom Daschle's (D) leadership.” He was a top fundraiser for Daschle and “a top supporter of former Sen. John Edward's White House bid.”

In November 2013, The New York Times listed Hindery, George Soros, and Rob Reiner, as part of a group of donors who signed a letter asking Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) to reform laws to make all state elections publicly funded. NYT then quoted Brigham Young University political scientist David B. Magleby as saying, “These are the kinds of donors a Cuomo candidacy for presidency will need.”

Earlier in 2013 the NYT asked Hindery his views on the reform of gun laws and he said: “I believe in appropriate restrictions–that's just my personal view.” 

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  • 18 thoughts on “Man Behind Guns & Ammo Mag, Sportsman Channel is Democrat Fundraiser

    1. Really glad that I allowed my subscription to G&A run out some time back. I recently picked up a new mag called RECOIL that I would highly recommend, along with any of those from Tactical Life. MOLON LABE

    2. Plenty of Liberals with guns. Me being one. In fact most Dems I know own guns orlike guns. Just like the tea party are a loud minority, some liberal ultra lefties are just as loud and also a minority.

    3. The Sportsman’s channel carries Cam and company. That’s the NRA’s show. Conflict of Interest. Do they know?

    4. I agree with Murrey. If asked to pick sides, I would align myself with Democrats more often than not, but I don’t agree with everything they stand for. There are plenty of people like me who are socially liberal, like hunting/guns and the outdoors etc… Instead of opting to view anyone who doesn’t see 100% eye to eye on an issue, what if you channel that energy into electing politicians who better represent your position, or who are not active working against them. Viewing all Democrats (especially ones like Tom Daschle who are avid hunters, and decidedly pro-gun) as enemies of gun ownership is shortsighted and isn’t going to add anything to the discussions adults are having.

    5. It is his money so let him spend it as he likes.
      Magazine and media revenue aside, he already had large amount of wealth.

    6. I identify with this guy as I am a moderate who loves guns and I have a concealed carry permit as well that I highly value. The problem is that I don’t trust the gun control people because I don’t feel like they are for appropriate anything and they have not been honest about what their true intentions and goals are which I believe is complete disarmament of the public. The ability to posses firearms is one of the things that makes us uniquely American and free. At some point, we have got to find a way forward that is pleasing to both sides because like it or not, the demographics of the voters in this country are changing and there will be a time period in the not so distant future where very conservative republicans will not be electable due to the changing demographics and their impact on the electoral college. Once Texas goes blue, the democrats will very likely control the presidency. The republicans will probably control the House of Reps and the senate is anybody’s guess. So instead of calling everyone nasty names why not get serious about the future and start trying to find a real world acceptable way forward for all people who value gun ownership and personal defense? There are a lot of conservative democrats in this country like myself who are proud NRA members and we are not communists and all the other ridiculous monikers that are hurled our wa.y Instead of getting nothing done, at some point there has to be a way forward for the majority in the middle because that is where the work and progress in this country will be made. Politics has gotten way to ugly. There are good people on both sides and respect and honor needs to be returned to the process from everyone or the future is grim.

    7. Cancel the Guns & Ammo subscription and either join the NRA or if already a member, subscribe to another NRA magazine.

    8. This solution is an easy one. First, pass the word around to all your buddies. Second, you and them inform advertisers of these publications and shows of this exact AMMOLAND post, date title and site for them to go to to check. Third, kill your subscription and ask for a return on your money balance (subscriptions are critical for establishing their advertising rates and some of those magazines are audited –so they cannot lie to advertisers). However, the advertisers are the main point to inform–most will get it quickly and they will pull out.

    9. The morale of this story is: Never trust a Democrat with anything…If there’s money to be made…They will sell out anyone to include gun owners to the highest bidder…Not caring if their money is being used to destroy our second amendment rights, i.e…Our freedoms as quaranteed us by our Americn Bill of Rights of our US Constitution…Their hypocracy knows no boundaries…With the most evil of them all being George Soros…There are scores of em out there…All of whom I have labeled as CommieCRats!

    10. Amazing!! Being sold out by those we thought were our own!! My hope is now that this has been esposed, everyone stops watching or buying his products.

    11. Try Guns Magazine and American Handgunner form Publishers Development Corp.,San Diego, Ca. Both Excellent mags.

    12. Great, so our subscription money is being used against us. That sucks! What other gun magazines can we move our dollars to instead? Even shotgun News is owned by Intermedia.

      I Remember that flim-flam man Tom Daschle as well. He is the guy who brought us high food prices, high meat prices, by pushing for the ethanol mandate in fuels thus raising the cost of corn-fed anything.

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