FBI: More People Killed with Fists & Hammers Than with Rifles & Shotguns

By AWR Hawkins

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AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On January 3, 2013, Breitbart reported on the newest FBI crime statistics then available (2011) showing that more people are killed with hammers and clubs each year than are killed with rifles. [ Yet there are no calls to ban hammers..? ]

With newer crime statistics now out for 2012, we can report that more people are killed each year with fists and hammers than are killed with rifles or shotguns.

According to the FBI, there were a total of 625 murders committed with rifles and shotguns in 2012. That breaks down to 322 murders that were rifle related and 303 that were shotgun related.

The total number of deaths committed with fists, hammers, and other blunt objects was 1,196. That breaks down to 518 murders related to hammers and blunt objects and 678 related to fists.

Taken together, the rate of murder by fists and hammers was nearly 100 percent higher than the rate of murder by rifles or shotguns.

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  • 13 thoughts on “FBI: More People Killed with Fists & Hammers Than with Rifles & Shotguns

    1. It’s a rub. They’re taking away firearms and laughing at the truth of the matter. They want you to only have hammers, fists, sickles and rakes, while they arm themselves to the teeth with billions of rounds of hollowpoint like any good tyrannical force would.

    2. I carry a 2 lbs hammer in my car and have one next to my bed . I worked at a meatpacking company years ago and killed several thousand animals with a hammer . i prefer a hammer over a gun any day .

    3. Come now, lets not pick and choose statistic data to make a point as that is fraudulent reporting.

      Lets see all the murder stats and then we can see exactly what correlates, otherwise reports like this are bogus attempts at manipulating minds !!!

      1. The fact is murder is murder, if a person wants to kill they will find a way to do so. And banning guns will not stop that.So as you say picking and choosing Stats is fraudulent, and the media should all go to jail for fraud. Murder started at the beginning of man kind, we will not stop it. But I will stop the person trying to hurt me or my loved ones, and it will be with a gun!!!

    4. Carrying your hopes for your position on a duck hunter and carpenter citing statistics…..great job Ammoland. (snore).

    5. The point of the article is that a huge amount of time effort and money is being spent on perceived “assault” weapons when they cause fewer deaths than common tools or bare hands. You should not demonize an inanimate object or a law abiding citizen who wants a well made tool. The effort should be spent on helping sick people.Not on folks trying to protect themselves and their families from the ones who slip through the huge cracks in our faulty healthcare system.One that I’m afraid is going to get worse now. Buerocrats on either side will always do things like the VA did ALWAYS

    6. I definitely am one who doesnt think that more gun bans are necessary but this report is really misleading. It is only involving rifles and shotguns. If you go to the actual link this is the graph it shows. That there were 8855 firearm deaths in 2012. Next it was knives at 1589 and then the numbers shown above for hammers and stuff. I understand the point of this argument but I think it is important to not just pick and choose data that supports an agenda. Why would someone use a rifle or shotgun instead of a handgun, which made up 6600 of the 8855 deaths.

    7. @Larry this article does not refer to firearm deaths at all. It refers to rifles and shotguns. It conviently leaves out HANDGUNS which are used it far more murders than long guns.

    8. Larry, he linked to the stats in his comment. See the blue text? That’s a hyperlink. And he even said “all deaths.”

      Welcome to the internet.

    9. @ Man, are you referring to some other reference, which you so conveniently failed to include, or are you referring to the information in this article? If you’re referring to the numbers in this article, I suspect that you failed simple math in school. Firearm deaths, according to this article, is about 1/3 of the deaths being reported on here, not 2/3.

    10. As I see it the chart shows that 2/3 of all deaths are committed with firearms.

      But the overall murder rate is trending downward in all categories except a few with rates less than ten per year.

      Also interesting is the less than 10 per year murders caused by explosives. Explosive devices are generally used by terrorists but the USG spends billions of dollars and infringes on our rights to reduce this insignificant amount of deaths.

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