More Than One Way to Save a Life

You may need more than a gun to save the life of a good guy.
You may need more than a gun to save the life of a good guy.
Student of the Gun
Student of the Gun

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) If you follow this site you are likely on board with the idea that you should indeed be armed with the proper tools to stop a violent attacker, thereby saving your life and that of those you love and care about.

Gun people like to talk about firearms, holsters, ammo choices, etc.

We also realize that in order to effectively use a firearm in a life or death situation we should secure the proper training so we are not just “making it up” as we go along.

The real world is not like the movies. You cannot simply shoot the bad guy and walk off screen. Sometimes, despite winning the fight, the good guy and/or family and friends of the good guy end up with holes in them. You can win the fight but still end up bleeding to death.

For example, our good friend “J” was the victim on a home invasion. J heard the break-in and confronted two felons with a gun in his hand. The lead bad guy fired on him and J fired back simultaneously.  J’s round found it’s mark and the bad guy hit the ground, cold as a fish. His partner fled. Unfortunately, the bad guy’s shot found it’s way into J’s torso. He won the gunfight, but ended up leaking.  Fortunately, J survived.

As similar situation occurred in Detroit, Michigan. A home owner confronted men who had broken into his house. They good guy and bad guys exchanged gun fire. One bad guy expired and the home own was struck. In this case the home owner bled to death from his wound before emergency services could get to him. He won the fight, but died anyway.

You need the skill and gear to save a life.
You need the skill and gear to save a life.

Obviously, you do not need to be involved in home invasion to end up with a life threatening injury. High speed vehicle collisions often cause major bleeding injuries.

Do you have the skill and gear to stopgap a life threatening injury while awaiting the arrival of the professionals?

We cannot shoot the wound closed.

Beyond the Band-Aid: Fighting First Aid

Student of the Gun University has recently added new dates for their Beyond the Band-Aid: Fighting First Aid course as well as dates for other classes.

You don’t have to be a Paramedic or EMT to save the life of a friend or loved one. The actions you take between the time 911 is called and the time the ambulance arrives can, indeed, be the difference between life and death. We all realize that a firearm can be used to save our life against violent attackers, but what do you do when the fight is over and a good guy is bleeding? Good guys bleed too.

Do you have the skills to stopgap a life-threatening wound while waiting for the professionals to arrive? During the Beyond the Band-Aid course students will be taught how to recognize a life-threatening injury and how to deal with these. You are far more likely to need your trauma kit than your gun.

If you carry a firearm for self-protection you absolutely need the training to save a life.