New Hampshire Rep: Food Stamp Recipients Should Be Able to Buy Guns with EBT Cards

By AWR Hawkins

EBT Cards
New Hampshire Rep: Food Stamp Recipients Should Be Able to Buy Guns with EBT Cards
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On May 7th 2014 New Hampshire Representative Timothy Horrigan (D-Durham) stood on the state house floor and argued against legislation forbidding the use of EBT cards for guns, saying such a ban “is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment.”

The legislation–SB203–says:

“Any person who receives public assistance is prohibited from using an EBT card or cash obtained with an EBT card to gamble or to purchase tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets, firearms, or adult entertainment.”

SB203 also prohibits using “an EBT card or cash obtained with an EBT card” for “Tattoos and Body Piercing.”

In voicing opposition to the firearms ban, Horrigan said:

The firearms ban is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment. Cash benefit recipients presumably have the same rights as the rest of us to purchase guns for hunting, sports shooting, or even self-defense. Obviously they don’t have much money to spend on that, but they do have the right under the Second Amendment to do so.

Horrigan said “the inclusion of a firearms ban [also seemed] ironic” because many of the bill’s sponsors “were generally pro-Second Amendment.”

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Wilson – Please don’t give them anymore ideas! They’re already playing the “system” like a musical prodigy!

Larry Wilson

No…Don’t feed your kids at all. Just buys guns and turn around and sell them for the cash to buy your drugs. It would be much easier than trying to sell food you just bought to sell. Your drug dealer would much rather have the guns anyway!


Sounds like a scheme right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook ‘Rules for Radicals‘.


This rep is obviously a fraud. He wants to ridicule the 2A, its supporters and also to get guns into criminals’ hands.
This has nothing to do with 2A rights – had he been honest he’d argued this discriminates against the poor or such.


this nut needs to be thrown out !


The government should eliminate EBT cards and food stamps. Surplus food should be given out to recipients based on need on a monthly basis. Not only would this encourage people to try to get off government dole, but it would eliminate EBT/food stamp fraud.


Exactly as Herb said, and I agree wholeheartedly. Many of the Food stamps and EBT are questionable of character and why would taxpayers money be used for armed of those guys, but I advocate for self defense and understand people need a means of protecting themselves and their families. There are ways to purchase a weapon without taxpayers footin’ the bill.

rudman miller

Food Stamps is a welfare issue. It’s to help people buy FOOD ! Not candy, liquor, tobacco, or GUNS ! Want a gun ? Go to work and buy one like other law abiding citizens.


EBT should be for FOOD and ONLY food. If those receiving EBT funds want alcohol, tobacco, guns, gas, or anything other than FOOD, let them pay their own money.


Food is a need. Many of the people on EBT are abusing the system as is. I think using EBT to buy guns or ammo is kind of abusing they system. It is more of a want and not a need, in their case. We need to protect ourselves but not at taxpayer expense. If they want to be protected at taxpayer expense, let them take their chances with our tax paid cops.


Food stamps and EBT are handouts, not entitlements. I think the taxpayer who provides the handouts to a) those who have experienced misfortune and b) the perennial welfare recipients should have a say in how the taxpayer money is spent. Let that money be spent on food, housing, education that helps get one back on their productive feet. That’s productive, not reproductive. You want a firearm for protection, get a job and earn it.