NJ and CA Democrats Considering Mandating ‘Smart’ Guns

By John Farnam

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NJ and CA Democrats Considering Mandating ‘Smart' Guns
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Much in the news this morning, I saw a reports on so-called “smart” pistols.

It seems NJ and CA (what a surprise?) are currently considering legislation requiring this “new” technology on all sales of new pistols.

Of course, the reporter, who obviously knows nothing about guns (another surprise!), didn't even know enough to ask relevant questions. She just drooled over the sample gun and handed the microphone over to a local retailer who recited several lines from the manufacturer's own promotional material. They call this sewage “journalism!”

The Armatix Pistol, manufactured in Germany, is designed to be used in conjunction with a wireless activation system camouflaged as a wristwatch, worn on the wrist of the hand that is holding the gun. When held in any other hand, the gun will not fire.

Sound like a good idea?

Think again!

Here are the questions that should have been asked, but weren't:

This pistol is currently available only in 22LR caliber. In a serious caliber, with serious recoil, will the electronics still work reliably? Owners will be wagering their lives on it!

How do the electronics work (and the batteries), in the gun itself and in the wristwatch, at twenty degrees below zero? Any serious gun that doesn't work within the broad range of temperatures likely to be encountered in the real world is of no interest to me, nor any other sane person!

Can the wireless electronics involved be: (1) jammed, (2) interfered with, (3) countermanded? Once again, inquiring minds want to know, and the question has yet to be asked, much less, answered!

Do I have to wear a separate “activating watch” on each of my wrists, just in case I'm forced shoot with my support-side hand? Does every adult in my family have to similarly wear a separate “activating watch” on both hands, all the time, day or night?

The ensemble (gun and watch) is running in excess of 2k, with only one watch, and is available from only one vendor. What do I do when any of its components break, or batteries go dead? Am I defenseless from that moment forward? Are any local armorers able to fix it?

Starry-eyed engineers and who design and market these ridiculous gimmicks don't even own a gun, much less carry one! For one, I resent them putting such a cheap price on my life, and I resent even deeper leftist politicians who want to mandate this dangerous trash!

Billions have been spent on “smart-gun technology” over the past few decades. The foregoing is just the latest of countless attempts to make a gun “ only I can shoot.” The entire concept is fatally flawed, and to date, no technology has emerged that is even remotely eligible for serious consideration. The Armitix Pistol is certainly no exception!

Anybody who thinks he wants one, probably deserves one!


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  • 6 thoughts on “NJ and CA Democrats Considering Mandating ‘Smart’ Guns

    1. I reiterate an earlier comment of mine: We should immediately push for passage of legislation that requires ALL LEOs in a state to be restricted to using the same technology available to the other citizens, and ONLY that technology. Certainly NO PD or County Sheriff is going to accept a requirement to use this kind of “Smart Gun” technology. Nor, for that matter, any other untried or unsafe new technology that may come along in the future. Legislation such as I propose, can be passed at any time (like NOW) and will prevent subsequent passage of all these stupid kinds of restrictions from that point on. We don’t have to wait for another new technology to be developed. I’d generally be willing to restrict myself to any type of self defensive arms my state’s LEOs are willing to restrict themselves to (but no less!), now or in the future. In my case, I live in Texas, and I would GLADLY restrict myself to whatever weaponry our Texas Rangers use! And don’t worry about the price. No matter how expensive it is initially, the price will come down as soon as it goes into mass production, which will be necessary to meet the LEO demand.

      I realize that many LEOs, especially SWAT teams and special units, will say they need special arms, armored vehicles, etc., but they really don’t. LEOs got along without special armament for most of our history without any problems. Since LEOs are also “just civilians” they do not need specialized, military style equipment, or any armament beyond what is available to the regular public. After all, we both carry guns for the same reason, to defend our lives. And when I need to defend myself, I don’t have dozens of fellow officers on the other end of a radio, ready to come racing to my aid, like every LEO does. What ever happened to Wyatt Earp and Joe Friday? THEY didn’t have SWAT teams standing by, and they enforced the law, served warrants, etc. just fine!

    2. We must all oppose this type of legislation but in a professional manner. All opposition must be done in a manner that portrays gun owners as intelligent, educated, and law abiding citizens. While we are often times “preaching to the choir”, our opposition must not offend the voting public as our fate is ultimately in their hands.

    3. They can go ahead an “mandate” anything they want; THEY ARE TOO LATE. I have spent several decades acquiring, studying, maintaining, shooting, and training with “antique” technology that goes BANG!!! every time I pull the trigger.

      No “smart guns”. No “microstamping”. And in most cases, NO PAPERWORK TYING ME TO MOST OF THEM.

      Suck on that, DieFi and Co.!!!

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