NJ Senate Committee Passes .22 Rifle Ban, Magazine Ban By 3 to 2 Vote

By AWR Hawkins

Marlin Model 60 Rifle
Marlin Model 60 Rifle Banned by NJ Democrats
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  On May 5 2014, New Jersey's Senate Law and Public Safety Committee passed SB993, the ban against magazines holding more than 10 rounds and .22 rifles–along with other guns–with fixed magazines holding more than ten rounds.

The vote was along party lines, with three Democrats voting yes and two Republicans voting no.

As Breibart News reported on March 3, the ban will outlaw 43 rifles including .22 rifles like the “Marlin Model 60, Remington Nylon 66, and Winchester 190.” The ban does this by broadening the label of “assault firearm” to include .22 rifles with a fixed magazine exceeding 10 rounds.

SB993 is sponsored by state senators Loretta Weinberg (D-37) and Nia H. Gill (D-34).

They said their bill “is in response to the horrific tragedy in Arizona where the assailant utilized a large capacity ammunition magazine that resulted in the death of six people and injuries to thirteen others, including Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.”

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  • 14 thoughts on “NJ Senate Committee Passes .22 Rifle Ban, Magazine Ban By 3 to 2 Vote

    1. ATTN State of New Jersy!!!

      Incase you obviously forgotten the limits of your powers let me refresh you……

      Constitution is Clear…..

      Even if OB were legit and he is NOT, Neither the President, Nor Congress, Nor the Senate, Nor the Supreme Court, Nor the Federal Judges, Nor the States, nor their Govenors and Mayers, even through Executive Orders and Treaties, YOU STILL DO NOT POSESS THE POWER OR THE AUTHORITY TO USURP THE CONSTITUTION THE BILL OF RIGHTS OR OUR SOVEREIGNTY!!! ….You do not have it!!! This law you just passed is

      NULL and F’N VOID!!!! put that in your glass and Drink IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The law is also a major Violation of your Sworn Oath and an act of Treason!!!

    2. What will they do next, ban common knives ?

      Problem is the magazine is either fixed and tubular as in shotgun or rimfire rifle or removable and box type construction.

      The idiots who write the foolish legislation want to disarm everyone one step at a time.

    3. The problem with voting out the anti gun politicians here in New Jermany goes way beyond the gun laws. Too many people are leashed to the government handouts and will not vote against the politicians that give them the free stuff. Conservative thinkers are outnumbered or are not paying attention to the political arena. In my opinion, you wont see any changes in many of the states until the free stuff dries up.

    4. The writer who said Weinberg will be unemployed afer the next election assumes that the voters in her district do not want more gun laws. i assure that letter writer that there are many thousands of nj voters who want none or few guns. I live in a large suburban nj town and I have several neighbors who will not let their children paly with my grandchildren in my house because I am a gun owner. i assure them the guns are under lock and key. their answer was that anyone irresponsible enough to own any guns is dangerous. This is a not uncommon idea where I live in NJ>

    5. I keep asking gun owners and those supporting what is left of our Constitution–“Why do you try to apply correct thinking to these liberals, democrats, and worse?” They are not dumb, they know exactly what they are doing, just like Obama when he said he will fundamentally change our country–well, he sure has so far and he has a couple more years to finish.

      These people are NOT dumb, they are just very dangerous!

    6. UNBELIEVABLE …. What in this world is going through the minds of these two women in New Jersey ? … What mental state are they in ?… Somebody really needs to have them REMOVED from being involved in any Government function before they find a 7 Rnd, 9mm S&W and start shooting ! Call it what you like but they have lost their minds ! … I offer them a one way ticket to some other country of their choice…… to use the Gabby Giffords shooting by some NUT CASE is BS in upper case letters……… BS Ms. Weinberg & Ms. Gill !

    7. The corrupt lawyers that dream this crap up don’t have a clue about any weapons of any kind. Take a look around in both the feral congress and the state congress and you notice the ones that scream about the gunb violence don’t know a weapon from a hole in the ground.
      Me thinks nu jurse is ripe for an uprising by the people…..oh well, I guess not. The old bit about security and chains….so be it. Let ’em do it to you. I guess you better leave as it’s not a fit place for decent people.

    8. They are disarming the people of this country little by little, In some areas .22 ammo is already hard to find and it is only going to get worse if hellary gets into office. How much more can we take before people stand up and push back against the tyranny that is going on. Those in power are going to get rid of our rights because people are just not pushing back or fighting back. They think that it is the law abiding that are the gangs but either way they want to do a total takeover, and that is what is going on.

    9. I’m sure NJ State Sens. Weinberg and Gill will enjoy being unemployed politicians come next election, and Gov. Christie better get his head out of his tail end when it comes to the total stupidity concerning the denigration of gun-rights in the State of NJ. The more politicians embrace ridiculous gun bans in the name of “public safety”, the faster they will find them-self voted or recalled out of office. Look at Colorado! These idiots are ensuring the total defeat of anything associated with Liberal or Democrat come this November!

    10. The method behind this legislation is obvious. .22 caliber guns are probably the most common firearms to be found anywhere. If this becomes law it will disarm more citizens than any other “assault weapon ban” ever did. What’s next, a ban on .22 caliber ammunition?

    11. The occupied state of New Jersey is no longer fit for human habitation by freedom-loving Americans. I can’t believe the residents tolerate this kind of violation of rights and intrusion into their private lives. Another state I will enter into.

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