NJ2AS Twitter Army – Magazine Ban Bill Passes NJ Senate, Take Action Now

NJ2AS Twitter Army
NJ2AS Twitter Army

New Jersey –-(Ammoland.com)- This afternoon the NJ Senate voted 22-17 in favor of passing S993/A2006 NJ's Magazine Limit/Gun Ban Bill.

This bill will now make it's way onto Governor Christie's desk where he has 45 days in which to either sign it or VETO it.

If Governor Christie does nothing, the bill becomes law. We must now turn up the heat on Governor Christie, in a very delicate manner, and convince him to VETO this craptastic bill.

Please start immediately sending the following Tweets to Christie.

Please stop the other Tweets you have been sending and focus on sending these:

Now is the time for @GovChristie to protect 1.1 Million law abiding gun owners from being turned into criminals #VETOS993 #2A #NJ2AS

NJ Senate just turned 1.1 Million law abiding gun owners into CRIMINALS unless @GovChristie VETOES S993 Magazine Limit/Gun Ban #2A #NJ2AS

Will @GovChristie VETO Magazine Limit/Gun Ban Bill & show America he respects The Constitution including #2A? #ShallNotBeInfringed #NJ2AS

NJ Senators despise law abiding gun owners by passing bills that turn them into criminals while actual criminals laugh at bills #2A #NJ2AS

NJ Senate Dems admit bill won't stop criminals b/c they don't follow the law yet they voted for it anyway! #VETOS993 @GovChristie #2A #NJ2AS

1.1 Million law abiding NJ gun owners are counting on @GovChristie to #VETOS993 NJ's Magazine Limit/Gun Ban Bill #2A #NJ2AS

NJ Senate Dems vote for Magazine Limit/Gun Ban Bill because they “promised CT parents” don't they work for NJ? @GovChristie #2A #NJ2AS

Poll shows 87% want Concealed Carry for NJ gun owners http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2014/05/poll_should_nj_gun_owners_be_allowed_to_carry_in_public_without_having_to_show_urgent_need.html … yet NJ Dems vote for more gun control @GovChristie #2A #NJ2AS

Lawful NJ gun owners rely upon @GovChristie to #VETOS993 & send a message to Dems in NJ Senate. Our #2A Rights are NOT negotiable! #NJ2AS

It's up to @GovChristie to #VETOS993 NJ's senseless Magazine Limit/Gun Ban Bull b/c criminals don't obey! http://bit.ly/1ezd04A #2A #NJ2AS

Bryan Miller calls gun owners #DomesticTerrorists & #Gangsters http://bit.ly/1ezd04A Which dead parent is which? @GovChristie #2A #NJ2AS

Now that NJ Senate Dems want to make felons of 1.1 Million NJ lawful gun owners what will @GovChristie do to stop them? #VetoS993 #2A #NJ2AS

America's watching @GovChristie to see how he treats #2A Rights of law abiding NJ gun owners who are under attack from NJ Democrats #NJ2AS

American gun owners are watching to see what @GovChristie does to protect & defend #2A Rights in NJ #VETOS993 #2A #NJ2AS

I need EVERY one of you to start posting these Tweets all over Twitter all day long for now until further notice! Our Second Amendment Rights depend upon it and upon your desire and ability to put in this small amount of effort. I'm not asking you to drive to Trenton and carry a sign in the freezing rain and snow, it's a bunch of Tweets. You're all capable of sending these out regularly during the day, especially since we have TAP, Twitter Auto Pilot. If you need access to TAP, please let me know and I will send you the links and instructions immediately. These are YOUR Second Amendment Rights being stripped and your children's and grandchildren's legacy in a free America.

I will soon be sending out another announcement and email with content for you to fax and email to Governor Christie. In the meantime, please send out these Tweets. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me at any time. This is imperative! Thanks in advance for your help with this urgent effort. Please do not wait for your neighbor to do this for you.

Our rights are being eroded, shredded, and destroyed one little bit at a time. Don't sit by and watch it happen! DO SOMETHING!!

Warm regards,

Social Media Coordinator
[email protected]

  • 6 thoughts on “NJ2AS Twitter Army – Magazine Ban Bill Passes NJ Senate, Take Action Now

    1. My previous comment didn’t post but I wanted to say that Jacko needs to get a life and stop attacking NJ2AS. Frank and Amy and the hard working members are doing a fabulous job on social media. You’re saying it’s stupid but I know for a fact that it works BC I have spoken with elected officials in NJ about it.

    2. Jacko, why don’t you do something productive rather than bitch about NJ2AS and their efforts to protect 2A in NJ? I know for a fact that their tweet campaign works BC I have spoken with elected officials about it. So knock it off and go attack anti 2A libs instead.

    3. Amy, You don’t understand NJ politics! Christie will not sign this bill into law. He’s running for prez and it is a perfect opportunity for him to get some pay back for bridge gate. Sweeney will be set to use it as part of his platform when he runs for gov. So, your stupid tweets that nobody in Trenton read are not necessary and a waste of time. So guys……please consider distancing yoursellves from this group as all the leadership does is embarrasses we gun owners every time they open their mouths or show up at an event. There is areal gun rights orginazition in NJ that is respected and very professional unlike NJ2As. TWEET TWEET!

    4. Dear Jacko,

      Well bless your little heart, I’m so thrilled you took the time to write about me…..again. I love how concerned you are about what I do and that I live rent free inside your head. Oh Jacko, why are you so consumed with what I do and where I do it? This isn’t healthy, you should really let your anger go. Tell you what pumpkin, I’ll bet these good people are smart enough to make their own decisions about what they’d like to do to try to save their 2nd Amendment Rights in NJ. I also think they’re good, honest people and I trust them to decide whether they want to join me in my little Social Media campaigns OR join you in your bitter, angry musings on Ammoland. Ta ta for now Jacko, I’m sure you’ll be trolling me again soon.

      Warm regards,

      Social Media Director

    5. The Tweet Queen is back again giving orders and providing pre-written tweets for the masses to send to the gov. What a waste of time this is as I’ve said in the past. Do you guys really think anyone reads these Tweets….seriously??? The outcome is predetermined. Christie will veto the bill and Sweeney will claim that he did everything he could when he runs for gov in 2 years. It’s all politics and we’re being played. Amy and the NJ2AS Prez are not very bright and make us look like fools. There is another NRA chapter gun rights club in NJ that will better serve our cause and do it without embarrassing tweet assaults.

    6. to whom it concerns: We the Americans people oppose any and all actions of any sort and or sorts of any and all control from any and all forms of governments our fore fathers voted for gun rights for and to any and all American citizens so as long they the people are Law abiding citizens that are responsible and mature enough to own any forms of guns and or weapons however it is our god given rights to protect our selfs and loved ones and any citizens from any forms of harm, Any and all governments were voted on and by American people, being as said that The American Government was and is made by the people for the people of the people and any and all laws shall be counted for and voted by ALL American peoples before any comes to a law. as it has been sense president Washington and never be behind closed doors without the VOTES of all the Americans people !!!!!!!

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