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NY Safe Act & Detachable Magazines
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New York, N.Y. –-(Ammoland.com)- The ‘assault weapon’ is the cornerstone of NY SAFE. It’s a “new take” on an old strategy antigun zealots used two decades ago.

Former President Bill Clinton signed the “Assault Weapon Ban” into law in 1994.

The “AWB” was a federal law. So it affected the Nation. Fortunately, it had a sunset provision. It expired in 2004. Exploiting the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy that occurred in December, 2012, the antigun zealots resurrected the “AWB” in New York. The New York SAFE Act is a derivative of the “AWB.” The SAFE Act was the first of a new wave of extraordinarily restrictive set of gun laws to be enacted in any jurisdiction following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy.

The mainstay of these new antigun laws is the “assault weapon.” The antigun zealots created the notion of ‘assault weapon‘ to undermine the Second Amendment. They realize the “assault weapon” is the most effective means available to dismantle the Second Amendment. And, so they are using it anew in a flurry of new legislation across the Country as they wage a constant war against the Second Amendment.

What is the “assault weapon?” The “assault weapon” is a legal fiction. Antigun groups created it for one purpose: to confiscate guns. Simply call a firearm an assault weapon and ban it. The SAFE Act is the new model for restrictive firearms sweeping the Country on both the State and Federal level. It employs the notion of ‘assault weapon’ extensively. So far, the SAFE Act limits assault weapons to semiautomatic guns but for one exception. Revolving cylinder shotguns aren’t semiautomatics, but they are assault weapons by definition. Apart from revolving cylinder shotguns, all assault weapons are semiautomatics. But, for the moment at least, not all semiautomatics are assault weapons. Said another way, no weapon is an assault weapon if it isn’t also a semiautomatic, except for revolving cylinder shotguns. But, some semiautomatics aren’t assault weapons. So, except for the revolving cylinder shotgun, if your firearm isn’t a semiautomatic, it isn’t an assault weapon. Do not examine it further. But if it’s a semiautomatic, you must examine it further. We discuss extensively the assault weapons’ testing procedure under NY SAFE in the Arbalest Quarrel March 16, 2014 post.

Apart from revolving cylinder shotguns, semiautomatic pistols and rifles typically have detachable magazines. Keep in mind: no semiautomatic pistol or rifle is an assault weapon unless it’s “capable of accepting a detachable magazine.”For a pistol or rifle to be considered an assault weapon under the SAFE Act, the ability of the pistol or rifle to accept a detachable magazine is necessary. This means that no pistol or rifle is an assault weapon unless it’s semiautomatic in operation and it has the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

So, in order for a pistol or rifle to be an assault weapon under the SAFE Act, semiautomatic operation and the ability of the weapon to accept a detachable magazine are required. They are necessary conditions but not sufficient conditions….

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“Assault Weapon” is the new “Saturday Night Special”.

Mike Silver

Want to get rid of Cuomo and his SAFE Act? Vote for Rob Astorino: https://rob4ny.com/