Pentagon To Destroy $1.2 Billion in Ammunition Amid Widespread Shortage

By AWR Hawkins

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Pentagon To Destroy $1.2 Billion in Ammunition Amid Widespread Shortage
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( The Pentagon plans to destroy $1.2 billion in ammunition amid widespread ammo shortages for private citizens.

According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report acquired by USA Today, the ammunition is being destroyed because the Pentagon does not know what ammunition is new and viable and what is not. This is due to the fact that “the Defense Department’s inventory systems can’t share data effectively,” leading to “an inaccurate accounting of ammunition.”

Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee chairman Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) said, “There is a huge opportunity to save millions, if not billions of dollars if the (Pentagon) can make some commonsense improvements to how it manages ammunition.”

Question: If portions of the ammunition are in a caliber popular in the civilian market, why can the ammo not be sold at a reduced price, as is, to private citizens who are told beforehand that some of it may unknowingly be outdated?

In this way the Pentagon could recoup a hefty portion of the $1.2 billion it is preparing to throw away and law abiding citizens could get their hands on some of the very ammunition they can no longer find on store shelves.

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Big Sally

We own this ammo . We own EVERYTHING that ANY gov. employee uses. It’s our ammo folks WAKE THE F up and Demand it!


Is this wasteful behavior by the pentagon really going to happen with all the waste from the present admin? Well of course and these are the people who make important rules and laws that effect our lives. God help us and that too is being taken away from us in schools. I believe in God and the people of this great country but the leaders not so much.


I have Various military ammo dating back to 1944 45 ACP, 30-06 and the all function as they should.
I would be willing to buy some old ammo before they scrap it. Just let me know and I’ll sign a waver if needed.
Thank you


Any of our (so-called) Representatives who do not back a bill to sell to the public should be voted out of office, regardless of which side of the aisle they sit on.


Small arms ammunition, properly stored, will still function for decades after it’s manufactured. Instead of relying on the Defense Department’s Computerized Inventory System maybe somebody should take a walk out to the “ammo dump” and check the “head stamp dates”. Is this gun control under the guise of waste and mismanagement?

Gary Clark

Wake up America and smell the Gun Powder before it is too late…..Obama hates gun owners and will do anything to destroy us….STAND & FIGHT…….


NATO ammo is dated on the head stamp of the case and on the ammo cans. How in the world do they not know how old it is????


Hope this gets put on hold, just plain stupid to scrap all this ammo.

It will end up going to China for pennies on the dollar as scrap metal.

Only in America.


This is obviously part of their plan to keep as much ammo from us as possible. During Vietnam most of all the 7.62 and 45acp ammo not to mention sea rations was always around 20 yrs old, that was normal so this crap about getting rid of old ammo is just that “crap” I personally have had ammo lying around for over 20 yrs and used it without any problems whatsoever.


DOD destroying this MILSPEC ammo because they don’t know how old it is is a crime.I just bought 1,350 rounds of Lake City .30 carbine with a 1971 head stamp via CMP. It fires just fine.

Nomen Ignotus

The CMP ( Civilian Marksmanship Program ) in Alabama has for many years sold “surplus” ( or outdated military ammo …something here does not make sense ..


First of all, with the Osama Obama crew of liberal idiots, brainless democrats, & a Muslim staff in Washington, why would any law abiding, working American citizen who owns weapons LEGALLY expect the current government use common sense & sell it to these Americans. I guess when you are one of the above, you don’t have any common sense. Binladen said he would destroy this country from within. He is..


Nonsense There is still Russian ammo from WWII on the market that functions flawlessly. They just want to destroy ammo so they can buy up more ammo to keep it out of the hands of citizens.

Carl Stevenson

First, it’s the government it will never make sense.
Second, the Obama regime would rather anything than allow citizens to have that ammo, because they know how pissed off people are getting.

I’m convinced that before long some people will begin voting leftists out of office … from the rooftops.
Remember, the Founders realized that the only way to desk with tyrants was to shoot them.

John Carr

The main thing is, it’s our money they are destroying. Why do they have this much ammo in the first place?


This is ammo that you would be buying on the market at much reduced prices than is on the market now. Did we not know why the government started buying up this ammo after the Conn. shooting? This is ammo control and if you can’t get ammo, you can’t fire your guns. This is the government next best thing to gun control. But, these ammo manufactures keep selling to them. Quit shooing at paper, you idiots. Save your ammo for the bad guys. Paper doesn’t shoot back, rob you, rape your wife, car jack you, invade your home… After the… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

What exactly is this ammo being destroyed? 5.56 NATO or obsolete missiles? I haven’t seen an article yet that has that important little detail.


Speaking of ammo, when will Ammoland follow up on what is going on with USABrass in Montana ?