Restaurant with ‘No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms’ Sign Robbed at Gunpoint

By AWR Hawkins

A Durham, North Carolina restaurant robbed at gunpoint
Restaurant with ‘No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms' Sign Robbed at Gunpoint
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  A Durham, North Carolina restaurant with a sign on its front door reading, “No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms,” was robbed at gunpoint on May 19 2014. published a photograph of the sign on May 21, making “The Pit” restaurant a self-declared gun free zone–the same kind of zone Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America pressure other restaurants into becoming.

According to Durham's ABC 11, around 9 PM “three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members to lie on the floor.” The armed men “also assaulted two employees during the crime.”

The suspects are still on the loose.

Just this week  Chipotle announced their intended gun ban by saying the sight of law-abiding citizens carrying guns caused customers “anxiety and discomfort,” Breitbart News responded with a simple question:

If law-abiding citizens caused customers “anxiety and discomfort,” what will those customers feel like when a criminal enters Chipotle, now confident that no victim in the restaurant is allowed to have a gun which which to fight back?

Perhaps the armed attack on “The Pit” can be of some help in answering this question.

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  • 13 thoughts on “Restaurant with ‘No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms’ Sign Robbed at Gunpoint

    1. Before I quit smoking , I would not eat at a NO=SMOKING restaurant and now I refuse to eat at any restaurant if guns are not allow

    2. Was at a Pizza Hut today and I noticed that they had several signs up on the door. One was no smoking and the other was no guns. Didn’t know that they had also become one of those not allowing guns in their stores. Oh, well, just one more places i won’t eat in.

    3. Clearly the problem was that they did not have a “No Guns” sign on the back door. Of course, they did not have a “No Robberies” sign, either. Since it is already illegal to rob a store (or commit mass murder), I wonder why they think the bad guy will obey a “No Guns” sign. Obviously, the liberals have a screw loose. I do not enter “No Guns” establishments because “sitting duck” will be on the menu. There are many places with no signs at all. I am comfortable in there.

    4. Durham, NC is the only county in the state of North Carolina that has mandatory gun registration, even after you have a valid purchase permit from the Sheriff Dept.

      I wonder if the gunmen had registered their firearms?

    5. Well we all know that the criminals will ne just too happy to obey the laws now don’t we HA HA HA. How many more places are going to have to get hit before these places get the hint that with armed people in the place the bad guys will NOT stand a chance. All these anti gun groups want is more gun violence and they are getting it. Restaurants that allow either open carry or concealed carry are much safer in the long run. Many times just the sight of a gun is all it takes to quell a bad guy.

    6. Even with a “No Guns” sign on the back door, the presumption is that the bad guys are even smart enough to read and understand what they read. And if the good guys decide to ignore the sign and carry concealed, what happens a) if they are discovered; b) prevent a robbery or possible shooting of restaurant employees? Let democrats eat at no gun places and let democrats get robbed and let democrats pay higher taxes because of their stupidity and anti-Americanism. Oh, that’s right. Democrats live high on the hog on somebody else’s money.

      Guns are more American than apple pie.

      1. Excellent Comment Herb! That’s exactly how I feel about the democrats. I’d like to see “The Bloomburgerler ” and his MoM posse go around without his body guards and the Mom’s club only dine in gun free zones on the other side of the tracks! There so stupid it makes me sick. I just can’t understand how in the hell they don’t get it. There are so many statistics proving armed citizens less crime! More gun control (Chicago) more crime and firearm offenses. They know criminals don’t follow the law I don’t know why they play stupid. All the liber/democrats do is get people killed. I bet there stupid campaigns and people like the Bloomburgurler have killed more people than law abiding gun owners! They make all theses places as unsafe as possible. They just don’t get it. And to Capn’ Jack I know what the “C” means to, I carry everywhere I go! All they can do if they see it which they shouldn’t is ask you to leave or put it in your car. That’s when you go find a few teen agers to go throw bricks through the windows….lol

    7. Well, it is simple. There was no “sign” at the back door so they obviously could not comply of which everyone knew that they would have.(sarc.)

    8. Sounds like this place needs a bigger sign and we need to spend more money on literacy education, because clearly whatever that business was doing didn’t work.

    9. I wonder how the bad guy in the robbery missed that sign !!!! Maybe he just doesn’t care or he liked what the sign said !

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