‘Rise, Kill, and Eat’ – PETA’s Worst Nightmare Now In Print

Rise, Kill, and Eat
Rise, Kill, and Eat

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Do you know who makes a tree-hugging, card-carying PETA member wet their pants?

Jesus Christ. That’s who. Our Lord and Savior was also a Fish-Slayer and a Meat Eater. From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible is filled with examples of God endorsing hunting.

Doug Giles’ new book, ‘Rise, Kill, and Eat’ ( http://tiny.cc/ndzqgx ) , is PETA’s worst nightmare. And it provides overwhelming proof that God endorses hunting.

“I’ll go out on a biblical limb and claim right off the bat that you cannot show me, through the balance of the Bible, that the God of the Scriptures is against the responsible killing and grilling of the animals He created.” ~ Doug Giles

Do you or a family member own a gun? Do you or a family member hunt? If so, then Rise, Kill, and Eat is for you. There are millions of people trying to stop you from exercising your God-given and Constitutional rights. These knuckleheads include politicians, environmentalists, socialists, and even “Christians!”

That’s right… I said Christians. But don’t despair. God and His Word are on your side.

Rise, Kill, and Eat showcases what the Scriptures say about hunting. Get the facts so that, as a hunter and gun-owner, you can stand firm on God’s word and say, “Hey, leave me alone. I’m simply doing the Lord’s work.”


“I am celebrating the release of Doug’s new book by taking a bunch of young boys and girls along with a bunch of American military warriors and their families on numerous hunting trips this spring for wild turkeys, of which there are more today than when Columbus first landed here, and on our annual wild pig slaughter from helicopters with machine guns. As we do so, we save massive tax dollars, save family farms and ranches, save the environment, save wildlife, create jobs, generate gobs of revenues and feed homeless shelters and soup kitchens with many tons of the most delicious, organic, pure pork known to man.” ~ Ted Nugent

“My freezer is filled hunted meat, not processed, antibiotic-injected, steroid-pumped meat from a factory. My children and I have had the privilege of hunting with Doug Giles and his daughter, Regis, several times since we became friends. Doug does not take an animal’s life carelessly. He embraces his role as hunter as a gift from God. He is also rightly obsessed with gun safety. This book belongs in the home of every patriotic American.” ~ Brandon Vallorani

Order your copy of Rise, Kill, and Eat on Amazon: http://tiny.cc/ndzqgx

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Maybe PETA members would taste better. Open season on them!!!