Sen. Ed Markey Wants $10 Million Per Year to Treat Guns Like Disease at CDC

By AWR Hawkins

Anti Gun Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)
Anti Gun Senator Ed Markey (D-MA)
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  On May 21 2014 Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) introduced legislation designating $10 million a year to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) “to fund research on gun violence prevention and firearms safety.”

The funding would take place for six years starting in 2015.

According to, Markey released a statement with the bill in which he said:

It is time we study the issue of gun violence like the public health crisis that it is. If we want to prevent injury and deaths from guns, we need to know what can be done to prevent it. No one should be afraid of more non-partisan, scientific research of this issue—not Democrats, not Republicans, and not the NRA.

Obama already designated $10 million to the CDC for research on gun violence in 2014, but Congress will have to act on Markey’s bill to keep it going thereafter.

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Rather than treating guns like a disease, it seems like the country would be better off treating Ed Markey like a disease.


I just don’t get this ‘disease’ thing.

When firearms are used to harm others, they blame the gun, not the individual. When a driver gets in a car and is DUI-DWI and harms others they blame the driver not the car.

So are firearms diseased or is it just the ammo that is sick?


Rep Maloney was the poster child for gun control along with Chuckie Schumer after the LIRR massacre.

Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)lost her husband during LIRR train shooting by Colin Fergueson, an illegal alien who traveled from CA to NY city with a Ruger P89 and several 15 round magazines. He had open season on all unarmed passengers thanks to NYC gun restrictions.
Her son was also wounded in the shooting that killed six and wounded 19 on Dec 7, 1993.

He is serving 315 years and 8 month sentence in prison upstate NY.


I would like to introduce legislation to designate $10 million a year to the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) to fund research on progressive liberalism. Progressive liberalism can no longer be looked upon simply as an ideology or philosophy. It needs to be studied as a disease, as disease that has permeated American culture and is destroying our way of life.


Time to vote this fool out. With an election coming up and you keep voting for these people, you get what you ask for.

Philip Martin

That man is a fool like Obama. Both are worthless.


These liberals don’t miss a chance to say “gun violence” over and over and over…! What a bunch of parasites !


I often wonder who is a bigger proponent of the “Liberal Leftist Agenda”, Sen. Markey or Sen. Blumenthal?


I just went to his site and sent him my thoughts about how it was a waste of money. If he wants research he should go out in DC after dark. There are NO legal guns outside of the home there.