Shooting Illustrated Brings Back Daniel Tyree McElrath as Managing Editor

Daniel Tyree McElrath
Shooting Illustrated Brings Back Daniel Tyree McElrath as Managing Editor
Shooting Illustrated
Shooting Illustrated

FAIRFAX, Va. –-( Daniel Tyree McElrath has returned to NRA after a nine-year absence to serve as Managing Editor of Shooting Illustrated.

He earlier served in a number of positions in the Publications Division, including as Senior Editor at American Rifleman.

McElrath holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Detroit and a master’s degree in professional writing and publishing from Emerson College. He was a Graduate Dean’s Fellow in the MA/Ph.D., program in English at the University of Virginia when he first came to NRA and worked at the Association’s headquarters in Fairfax, VA, for the next eight years. He has written gun reviews, combat school reviews, how-to’s, pro-Second Amendment pieces and narratives for numerous firearm, firearm-industry and law enforcement magazines. McElrath has also been an NRA-certified firearm instructor. Most recently, he served as editor of Game & Fish magazine, as he is also a hunter and avid fisherman.

While he maintains an appreciation for the craftsmanship and occasional artistry that goes into a fine firearm, McElrath’s main focus is on guns as practical, precision tools—tools that are both emblematic of and essential to personal protection, law and order, civil defense and the preservation of liberty.

“I enjoy the theoretical aspect of tactical training; being confronted with a tactical problem and formulating a solution that achieves the objective of the good guys going home at night,” McElrath said. “I’m also intrigued by technical innovations within the industry. And while I can be moved by the ‘wow’ factor and pride of ownership of having the coolest, most cutting-edge gun, what really obsesses me is practicality. What gun can you really have on you in a given circumstance, and how best to carry and employ it as necessary? ”

“I want Shooting Illustrated to appeal to the aficionado who keeps abreast of all the latest and greatest tactics and gear, whether he’s a working SWAT cop or an armchair operator, but I also want to offer real-world guidance to the average citizen who carries a gun, to the homeowner investigating that suspicious noise or to that novice who’s decided to take responsibility for his or her own safety.”

“We are thrilled to have someone with Daniel’s experience and knowledge on the staff of Shooting Illustrated,” said Editor-in-Chief Ed Friedman.

“With his skills, we will greatly enhance our ability to provide the definitive source for the modern shooter, both in print and online. His passion for self-defense firearms and the Second Amendment makes him a perfect fit for our readers.”

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Earl slayton

Mr Elrath,
Ref: Feb 2018, Shooting Illustrated, page 42 and 43 “Changes Big and Small. I have the M&P written about. The Knife in the picture caught my interest. Can you tell me what it is and possibly where I may obtain one? It matches the weapon marvelously. Any help? Thank you so much for any info and for returning to NRA.
Earl Slayton