Spring Gobbler Hunting Tips with Denny Gulvas – This Week on Gateway Outdoors Radio

Denny Gulvas
Denny Gulvas
Gateway Outdoors Radio
Gateway Outdoors Radio

Pennsylvania – -(Ammoland.com)- This week on Gateway Outdoors Charlie Burchfield’s special guest is Denny Gulvas who provides tips and techniques to use during the spring turkey season.

Denny is one of the best turkey callers in the nation, and perhaps one of the most noted students of the wild turkey resource.

Charlie and Denny discuss the many changes that have taken place over the past decades that have influenced hunting, and insight regarding the current spring gobbler season.

Listen in, on May 19th to learn from Denny’s perspective, and how to approach hunting gobbler during the current spring gobbler season.

Gateway Outdoors is heard every Monday at 6 PM on WCED 1420 AM, 107.9 FM and 96.7 FM, and live streamed on the Internet.

The program can also be enjoyed the following day archived on the WCED Talk Radio web site.


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