Texas Jack In The Box Controversy 911 Call

Open Carry Fans pose with Jack in the Box Employees
Open Carry Fans pose with Jack in the Box Employees
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Texas – -(Ammoland.com)- Open carry advocates legally exercising their right to keep and bear arms made news last week in Fort Worth. Several media agencies immediately reported the presence of armed individuals at the Jack In The Box resulted in employees “locking themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them.”

Open Carry Texas reached out to the Fort Worth Police Department and Jack In The Box headquarters to verify this report. While Fort Worth Police Department has failed to explain their statement to the media, Jack In The Box Director of Asset Protection Gene James made the following statement:

“What I can raise my hand on and swear to an oath is that what I was told by my employees is that they did not seek refuge in the freezer. On its face, the freezer thing make no sense.”

Open Carry Texas obtained a copy of the 911 call that resulted in no less than nine patrol cars and 15 officers arriving on scene. The 911 call was not made by an employee or customer inside the Jack In The Box, but by a passerby leaving a nearby Home Depot. He reported seeing armed demonstrators walking “towards” the restaurant.

“It looks I like I seen[sic] four Caucasian or white men walking towards the Jack In The Box located off the highway, uh, walking with assault assault rifles and cameras just walking casually through the parking lot.”

The caller later stated, “they’re all wearing, you know, three of them are wearing shorts. They just, you know, dressed casually walking around casually with what looked like assault rifles.”

Open Carry Texas will be releasing the 911 audio once we have been able to edit out personal identifying information later today.

This is the ONLY 911 call that was made about the open carry rally at the Jack In The Box. Notice that it wasn’t made by an employee who was so “terrified causing them to hide in a freezer.”

The lies of #guncontrolbullies are coming unraveled piece by piece, but the Fort Worth Police Department still owe the public, media, Open Carry Texas and Open Carry Tarrant County members an apology or explanation.

Note: the only thing edited out of this video is the audio of personal identifying information of the caller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRaYd7rxfqg

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Gregory Romeu

“it’s about courtesy to the people that share this world with you…”

Uh, No, James, FREEDOM does not dictate cow-towing to cowards or extending courtesies to those that don’t have the backbone to support FREEDOM!

Gregory Romeu

Jim? If you’re offended by seeing a gun, I can get my Doctor to write you a prescription for a set of testicles?


What’s the point here? We get it.. OK Open Carry..why “in your face”? Your only heading for a “Starbucks” answer that your hurting their business…who goes to Jack with a rifle.. Jim is right on this one…wake up man look at the world around you. Is pissing people off the best way to make a point? It’s not about right or wrong..it’s about courtesy to the people that share this world with you…no one’s trying to take your rights away GreyBeard…chill out dude…


Back again I see, eh Jim. Spreading hate and discontent, as per usual.
Open carry in every venue where it’s legal MUST continue until the LEO community gets trained up to spec. Then they can respond to the “I’m scared” calls with “Buck up buddy, nothing wrong with that, and don’t bother me again!” as the LEO response.


This type of display of our “right to bear arms” will only harm our our cause. “In your face” confrontations offend many in the voting public who we must have as allies in our fight to defend the second amendment.