A Double Barreled Victory By Gun Banners – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio
Gun for Hire Radio

Belleville, NJ –-(Ammoland.com)- This week on Gun For Hire Radio#154…

In the wake of a double barreled victory by the gun ban lackeys, the Boys are joined this week by NRA Board Member, Scott Bach, and Gun Rights Lawyer, Evan Nappen…

They pull back the curtain to reveal a blockbuster secret weapon waiting in the wings. You're gonna love this one.


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  • 2 thoughts on “A Double Barreled Victory By Gun Banners – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio

    1. Thiswas the 1st time I listened to a broadcast of ‘Gun For Hire Radio’ where Evan Nappen spoke with authority, showing he’s the Man to help Change New Jersey’s Discrimination against hand gun owners.

      The mentality of our Law Enforcement is Severly Prejudice against handgun & Rifle owners, all who have clean Records… This needs to be changed…I am considering moving out of state, down South were gun ownership are Respected, and not Guilty before you are proved Innocent(sounds fasium

      Nj Law should not EVER exhibit severe prejudice against all gun owners, which is not the correct thing to do…I believe I heard Evan Nappen say that any gun owner could have a knock on your door, and a cop could deman to search your house for my rifles and hand guns. As far as i’m concerned, Unless they showed me a Signed Court Order from a known judge, my door will be slammed shut…

      We need to stand unto what is Fair for all partiest, NJ hand gun owners, and the police can arrest you in your home, if you do not have a ”Possession Permit…. This is ridiculous and against a person’s rights to bear arms??? …I would love to have an opportunity to speakwithMentioned that now you need to prove that the Police search is not credible though they can confiscate you handguns and rifles???

      This is very confusing, very disconcerting… I would like to get an opportunity, if possible, to speak with Evan Nappen, Attorney at Law particularly concerning NJ Hand Gun Laws and biases. I was born in NJ, and now that I’l in Retirement, dislike their Nazi Gustapo attitude against Law-Abiding Citizens.

      I am a Lifetime NRA Member, National Association for Gun Rights Member (NAFGR), and the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) Platinum Member, Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club. (CJRPC Member, United States Conceiled Carry Association Member (NACC

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