We Will Not Comply with Ridiculous Gun Laws

By Rob Morse

2013 Maryland Gun Rights Rally
2013 Maryland Gun Rights Rally
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(Ammoland.com)- Our gun laws are crazy and I think legislators in gun-grabbing states made them that way on purpose.

Their laws make criminals out of honest and responsible gun owners. Now what are we going to do about it?

These laws were never intended to stop violent thugs. They were designed to secure political donations and punish the political minority of gun owners during an election year. In this last year, gun laws have become even more onerous. Now we see a wave of deliberate civilian disobedience by honest gun owners. The government made it even more difficult to follow the laws so gun owners stopped trying. They couldn’t.. so they didn’t. Nowhere is this more evident than along the northeastern seaboard. Seeing is believing, and this is what we find when we look state by state.

Washington D.C. convicted a man for having lumps of lead that could only be used in an antique muzzle-loading rifle. The accompanying rifle never entered DC, and did not require registration in DC even if it had. Yes, DC gun laws are that crazy. You can’t have a spent shell casing or gun jewelry in DC unless you’ve pre-registered the appropriate firearm for that ammunition.

Oh my god. My wife is such an outlaw!

Pro Gun Jewelry
Pro Gun Jewelry

As we head north, we find that cheap iron-core ammunition is illegal to own in Maryland. So is the forty year old M1A rifle and any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds. The fate of the fifty year old tube-fed 22 caliber rifle is uncertain. Maryland gun owners don’t like these new laws. Did you know you were an illegal gun runner as you drove up I-95?

New Jersey cops arrest gun owners, and then let judges decide if the law applies at all. Jersey legislators are in the process of restricting magazines to 10 rounds and outlawing many common tube-fed 22 caliber rimfire rifles. Tens of thousands of New Jersey gun owners will not comply.

2013 New Jersey Gun Rights Rally
2013 New Jersey Gun Rights Rally

New York legislators outlawed many new firearms. They also required registration of common firearms and firearm components. A hundred thousand New York Gun owners refused to register their firearms and burned their firearms registration cards. They will not comply.

As out of state residents, it isn’t clear how we could comply and get our firearms and accessories from Pennsylvania to New England. The only solution I’ve heard is to ship them ahead of time.

New York Unsafe Act Rally
New York Unsafe Act Rally

The Connecticut legislature now faces hundreds of thousands of firearms owners who refused to register their firearms and firearm components. A politician calls these outlaw weapons a “dangerous assault rifle” if a citizen owns them, but the same firearm is called a “common patrol rifle” when a law enforcement officer carries one.

Yes, there are laws for them and laws for us. None of these firearm restrictions apply to law enforcement officers protecting politicians.

Connecticut Gun Rally 2014
Connecticut Gun Rally 2014

There are good and simple reasons to defy these laws. The intellectual argument is that it is safer to oppose civilian disarmament than to comply with it. The emotional argument is that enough is enough, and this is the time and place to stop complying with injustice.

That is the beginning of an argument, not the end. Should we disobey, or strictly comply with crazy laws? There are political advantages to both. Gun owners have to make their argument to the public in either case.

The court of public opinion will determine the fate of tens of thousands of new non-violent gun owning criminals the legislature created.

~_~_ Rob

About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, www.gunrightsmagazine.com/contributors/rob-morse/ and writes the SlowFacts blog. www.slowfacts.wordpress.com . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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Comply with every illegal ( unconstitutional )law and they will soon be commonplace and acceptable . On the other hand , exercise your rights MORE than your body parts and you will retain them as long as said body parts are needed . SHOOT MORE , SHOOT GUNS YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE , SUPPORT THE RIGHTS OF ALL GUN OWNERS WEATHER YOU LIKE THEM OR NOT BECAUSE EVERY LAW IS MORE OF THE BIG FOOT IN YOUR DOOR .


To comply with laws that do not serve justice is wholly immoral. Always remember this. It was true when people defied the Torries against gun confiscation. It was true when Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape to freedom. It was true when freedom marchers sang “We shall overcome!” as they marched through the segregated south. And it’s true today.

When faced with unjust laws and edicts, I don’t know what other gun owners will do, but as for me, I will not comply.


Open defiance is the only answer. They can’t arrest everyone!


So Rob, in one article you write about how you think people doing aggressive open carry are ‘not helping’ but you are encouraging people to break the law. It is a crappy law, but that is what you are doing. But the open carry people are ‘not helping’ when they demonstrate to lower information citizens what IS legal? Really? Inconsistency typical with you?


“Bastille Day” is coming!


We The People are dealing with an out of control criminal government that is wiping its ass with the Constitution Of The United States Of America.The “scandals” we are uncovering are crimes against the United States Of America and will go unpunished if We The People do not stand up to the tyrants in OUR government.”United We Stand,Divided We Fall.”

VT Patriot

What these laws have done is to drive the legal gun owners “under cover”. These state laws have assumed that all the sheep will just quietly lay down and surrender their guns. This ain’t gonna happen. CT state police have made it pretty clear that they will not obey the orders to raid gun owners homes to confiscate guns, mostly because they don’t want to be the first one shot breaking in to a home. They are also aware that there is 1300 CTSP and approx 300,000 present ‘felons’ now roaming their state. Look at the states history. CT was… Read more »


This is only a prediction, but I prophesy that there will be funerals before this is well and properly sorted out … and the politicians of this age should bear in mind what befell the politicians of the 1700’s when they tried to disarm the American people.

We are their children.

Bob Shell

Maybe the Communist law makers in those states have awoken a sleeping giant. Enough is enough. Good for those Americans that are fed up with those stupid & draconian laws and choose to ignore them


If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws. And, those who have much to hope and nothing to lose will always be dangerous.- Sir Edmund Burke


Yes you and others will and the democrats know we will knuckle under–we are doing it currently with state legislators who are passing laws that can imprison you and ruin your life and they are fearlessly getting away with it now.