5 Q’s with Melissa Bachman of Winchester Deadly Passion

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5 Q’s with Melissa Bachman of Winchester Deadly Passion
Deadly Passion
Deadly Passion

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- As one of the more well-known huntresses in outdoor TV, Melissa Bachman spends nearly 200 days in the field filming for her show, “Winchester Deadly Passion,” which is debuting season three on Sportsman Channel July 6 2014.

Luckily, the summer means things slow down for Melissa and she was able to do this Q&A while in the editing suite. Tune in to “Winchester Deadly Passion” on Sportsman Channel July 6 at 2 p.m. ET.

Q: Tell us about the third season of “Winchester Deadly Passion,” why should viewers tune in?

A: This season’s show is really one of my best seasons yet. We had so much incredible footage from my travels. I literally left my home in August and returned for the first time in December, so there was no shortage of days in the field. As always I hunted hard and really tried to go over and above to get amazing footage, and quality animals. I can only hope the amount of fun I had in the field will come through in each and every episode.

Q: What did you do differently this season? How about the same?

A: One thing I did differently this season was taking a few of my close friends and family on the road with me. I went on an elk hunt with an old friend from college and took my mom on her first ever antelope hunt, which were both a lot of fun. I always hunt extremely hard and never give up. Some hunts go smoother than others, but regardless of weather or difficulty, I am always giving it my all and putting in a ton of time.

Q: What episodes should viewers absolutely tune into?

A: Don’t miss the very first episode, Tyrant’s of the Tundra, as this is my first crack at going after brown bear in Alaska, which has always been my dream hunt. Another amazing show is the Old School Elk where we filmed seven different people’s elk hunts and had the best elk hunting of my entire life. Lastly, my South Dakota Showdown is one you don’t want to miss as I end up decoying in over 35 bucks and put in weeks in a ground blind to finally tag out on big mature South Dakota buck with my bow.

Q: You’ve been in outdoor TV for quite sometime now – what piece of advice were you given that was gold?

A: The one piece of advice someone gave me was nothing will pay off more than hard work and that is the absolute truth. You can’t wait around for things to happen. Some people may catch a big break, but by working hard and never giving up you don’t have to wait on a break, you can create your own opportunities and that’s exactly what I’ve done. It hasn’t been easy and it has been extremely long hours year after year, but if you believe in yourself enough and are willing to work hard, anything is possible.

Q: Is there still a show or episode out there that is your “dream” to film?

A: Absolutely. I would love to go to Australia and the dream part really comes from swimming with the great white sharks. I absolutely love sharks and would love to film this and add it into a show from Australia but haven’t had the opportunity to make this happen yet, soon though…hopefully within the next year!