Accused Arms-Smuggler Gets Nearly 300,000 Votes in California Election

Leland Yee
Leland Yee

Charlotte, NC –-( Tuesday, over 287,000 Californians cast their votes for San Francisco-area State Sen. Leland Yee in the Democratic Party’s Secretary of State primary election.

You might recall Sen. Yee is a long-time anti-gunner and, in 2006, received an “A+” rating from the Brady Campaign and was named to the group’s so-called “Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.

The strange thing here is not just that Yee is currently under federal indictment on arms smuggling charges (no doubt his supporters would say he is still entitled to the presumption of innocence). The votes for Yee are even more curious considering he dropped out of the race in March.

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. Gun control supporters who vote for anti-gun politicians like Yee are notorious for forming their opinions on the basis of little or no factual information. Others may be so committed to their anti-gun agenda that even the facts that are brought to their attention no longer matter.

Whatever else can be said for the motives of these voters, their uninformed behavior should serve as a warning.

Those who still cast their ballots for pro-freedom candidates had better show up in force this November or face the prospect of even more fact-free governance.

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Only this can happen in gun grabbing states!


@Gregory Romeu- You don’t have to shout. “WHEN” is when Liberals, in their idealism and ignorance, dreamed of creating the “The Great Society”. Were you around to see how that played out? What a waste of Federal money exacted from tax payers. Model Cities, Community Policing, the list goes on. At least some of the Federal money expanded the interstate highway system.

Gregory Romeu

If you look at the elections in this nation, MANY times there is a “dupe candidate” put in place by the party opposition in order to draw votes away from the one feared of winning… So, If you just look at the screen and see what is in front of you, without doing a 180 degree view to see what is NOT put on th screen in front of you… You too have been, “duped”.

Gregory Romeu

What do you mean, “WHEN” Janek?


I’m not surprised by this. It stands to reason that uninformed voters or voter fraud being used. I fear for the 2014 elections and more so for 2016 because there are some states (mostly controlled by the liberal left) that do not verify the voter thru photo ID. We cannot continue to allow unidentified persons walk through an election station unchallenged. It has already been proven that voter fraud is happening. Lets not forget how the justice department has handled voter intimidation by the black panthers. We cannot depend on the current administration nor the left to clean up the… Read more »


I had no idea that CA was in such dire financial straits that they not only had to release prison inmates early but also those who were committed for mental incompetence.


Only proves how out of touch California voters are. I say the vote was already fixed to give him the extra 300,000 votes and they were unable to correct it, or simple option number two is California voters are nuts!


When the political system, for whatever reasons (ignorance or corruption etc.), becomes dysfunctional you can expect more of this in the future. Bye bye your piece of the American pie.