Anti-Gunners, The Truth Comes Out … Again

By Tom Gresham

Moms Demand Action Liars
Moms Demand Action Liars
Gun Talk Radio
Gun Talk Radio

MANDEVILLE, LA –-( Every time the gun banners think public opinion is swinging their way, they tend to drop the lies which typically camouflages their real intentions.

They often say “We don’t want to ban guns. We just want to know who has them.” Or, “Of course we support the Second Amendment, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be reasonable restrictions.” 

The Violence Policy Center is a tiny group that really knows how to work the media through “white papers” on guns. Of course, the papers and “research” they do are junk, but the media laps up that stuff.

Still, even though it has pushed for more gun control, VPC — like many other gun-ban groups –– has publicly maintained that they want to ban only what they can paint as evil guns (“assault weapons”). Well, that is, except for the time I was able to get Tom Diaz from VPC to say, on Gun Talk Radio, that his ideal would be to ban ALL gun ownership, including the police.

At any rate, given the bogus stat that the media parrots about 90 percent of the public wanting background checks, and no doubt bolstered by their anti-rights friends telling them that “everyone” now wants stronger gun control laws, the VPC has changed its position. Now it is calling for the banning of all semi-auto firearms with detachable magazines, and all handguns.

Nothing new, but it’s good to remind yourself that when any gun-control group says “We don’t want to take your guns away,” they really mean they don’t think they can get away with it, yet, but they’ll take all they can get, and then come back for more.

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7 years ago

the gungrabbers are right,they wont ever take my guns away !