Applied Ballistics, Demos Newest Ibeam During Limited User Assessment At Quantico

Manufacturer’s Ballistics Computer Put to Application by Sniper-Qualified Operators.

Applied Ballistics’ IBEAM
Applied Ballistics’ IBEAM
Applied Ballistics
Applied Ballistics

Quantico, VA –-( Applied Ballistics, Inc. recently participated in the Modular Sniper Display (MSD) and Integrated Ballistic Engine Augmentation Module (IBEAM) Limited User Assessment (LUA) on June 3, 2014, in Quantico VA.

The event was held to demonstrate the capability of the Applied Ballistics’ IBEAM, a ballistics computer designed to bolt to a scope base/ring set.

In addition to running the Applied Ballistics solver, the chipset of the IBEAM also includes built-in atmospheric and directional sensors, which provide inputs to drive a real time ballistic solution. The device is capable of reducing target engagement time by up to a factor of four.

The IBEAM device connects to STORM, RULR, RAPTAR, and PLRF laser rangefinders (LRFs) for range input, then computes the ballistics solution, and displays the solution on the device and inside each of the compatible devices; including the Schmidt and Bender riflescope with an integrated head’s up display, FLIR HISS, BAE SkeetIR, and the DRS INOD.

The weapon-mounted ballistic calculator was put to work on a firing range with IPSC-sized targets. 10 Sniper Qualified Operators representing the Army, Navy and Marine Corps shot a suppressed, M110 weapon system (7.62 x 51, 175 grain) at a max 900m, with their engagement times and number of hits recorded. The Operators were asked to engage targets using IBEAM only and IBEAM data presented in MSD in order to quantify the performance improvements over standard procedures.

Participants were able to quantify the reduction in target engagement time and increase in hit probability using the IBEAM/MSD, along with collecting sniper input to the performance and features of the delivered prototypes.

In 2012, the US Army awarded Applied Ballistics, Inc. to develop a weapon-mounted ballistics computer to interface to the STORM and RULR laser rangefinders. The first units developed were the Applied Ballistics, Inc. IBEAM units (Integrated Ballistics Engine and Mount), which were delivered in March of 2013. The units have undergone user testing for the past year, and have been deployed overseas.

About Applied Ballistics
Applied Ballistics was founded in 2009 by Bryan Litz; with the mission to be the complete and unbiased source of external ballistics information for long-range shooters. We believe in the scientific method and promote mastery thru understanding of the fundamentals. Our work is passed on to the shooting community in the form of instructional materials, which are easy to understand, and products such as ballistic software, which runs on many platforms

The Professional activities supported by Applied Ballistics are broad. From ballistic software integration to training seminars, Applied Ballistics has the depth to support the needs of todays’ military and law enforcement professionals with state of the art information and kit. Applied Ballistics partner Accuracy 1st is run by the US’s leading sniper instructor Todd Hodnett. Principal Engineer Nick Vitalbo leads the engineering team in the development of cutting edge products designed to help professional shooters accomplish their mission by leveraging the science of accuracy.

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Alfred Canino

Wow, I just came across this, any chance it’s still available????


Barret BORS system is $1100-2000 plus a good scope another $1500+ . So iBEAM will need to compete.

Mark Marshall

Is this Ibeam unit available to the general public and if so how much can we expect to pay.