AR-15 Podcast 079 – Slings and Sling Attachments

AR-15 Podcast
AR-15 Podcast

DeKalb, Illinois -( – Reed and J.W. kick things off with updates for the Brownells sponsored, rifle giveaway.

With the lower receiver built, next on the list is buttstock to round out the lower half. For this promotional build, AR-15 Podcast is utilizing the DPMS buttstock mounting kit. See the show notes for more details!

Unless you plan to carry your rifle in your hands at all times, slings go hand in hand with rifles. Where to begin? Reed and J.W. begin with the basic formats of most slings. Slings generally come in single, dual, or triple point slings, but of course there are also many special purpose slings for specific occasions; Brownells alone carries 69 variants!

The type of sling will typically depend on the purpose for which the shooter has it. Purposes range from transporting the rifle, to weapon transition. Apart from number of attachment points, slings also vary in construction materials. Again, the materials are dictated by purpose. Transport slings tend to come padded, whereas others may be fire retardant or have some elasticity to the materials.

Type of sling will partially depend on where a shooter can mount the points on the rifle. These attachment points can be organic or added by aftermarket pieces. Many stock rifles, have strap slots. These are designed for a no frills, flat, generic sling. Some of the higher end builds can have mounts directly on the upper receiver and connected to some sort of release adaptor button or hook for quick release or adjustment. Many of the senior staff of the Firearms Radio Network weigh in with their preferences and favorites. Tune in to hear what these shooters prefer and why.

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