Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: America ‘the Most Conceited Country in the World’

By AWR Hawkins

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: America 'the Most Conceited Country in the World'
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: America ‘the Most Conceited Country in the World'
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Washington DC – -(  Just prior to his desertion and subsequent capture by Taliban forces, Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl emailed his parents about the shame he felt over being associated with America, “the most conceited country in the world.” published excerpts from the emails Bergdahl sent his parents while deployed, emails in which he expressed his utter disgust for America:

I am sorry for everything here. These people need help, yet what they get is the most conceited country in the world telling them that they are nothing and that they are stupid.

I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of U.S. soldier is just the lie of fools. 

I am sorry for everything. The horror that is America is disgusting.

As reported, the Obama administration exchanged the top five Taliban commanders from Guantanamo Bay to secure Bergdahl's release.

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  • 6 thoughts on “Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: America ‘the Most Conceited Country in the World’

    1. hahha
      hell patton said these things….
      do you know how many 1000s of soldiers have written waawaa letters home to momma in the last 300 years while in warzones..

      the usa IS pretty conceited..we are the best and we brag about it..thats a irritates most other countries..
      but we also leave our troops unprotected..just look at the VA…

      millions of soldiers have complained about everything berghdahl has complained about and millions have whined and said they are ready to QUIT or DESERT..most dont..
      theres nothing there that EVERY GENERAL hasnt thought or said sometime in his career in a battle zone..even
      hell patton said these things..g read george washingtons letters from valley forge..when it was HOPELESS..

      grow up..this was a crazy kid who DID FIGHT with valor every day till the day he left..
      he should have NEVER been there..we dont convict crazy people who do crazy things..sorry..

      theres not a general alive that will convict him..
      colonels yes..but thats why they aint generals

    2. In the eyes of Obama and his kind, this guy did serve with honor and distinction since he hated America as they do. Remember, they didn’t say who he served in such a manner.

    3. This person should be held for desertion. he left his unit. He is not worth the uniform that he is wearing.

    4. And who will convict this administration and the previous one for lieing and keeping us in illegal wars.

      Wakeup America

      US Army vet
      Vietnam era

    5. What a trade! The top five Taliban commanders from GITMO for this less than useless POS. I hope he is tried for desertion, and his supreme commander for yet another act of lawlessness.

      You couldn’t make up this up if you tried.

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