BLOODLINE With Alex Rutledge Will Be Rock Solid With STEADY FORM On Their Bows

Steady Form Partners with Stark Growth
Steady Form Partners with Bloodline

Denville, NJ -( Steady Form, LLC is pleased to announce partnership with Bloodline and Alex Rutledge this year.

Alex and his crew will all be shooting Steady Form Torque Eliminators on their bows and helping to bring awareness to the importance of having an anchor point for your bow hand.

“The Bloodline guys get in front of a lot of big animals, we want to help them make sure they are rock solid from the treestand or with long range shots out west,” said Nick Albenese and Donato Zizza, owners of STEADY FORM, LLC.

Steady Form has created a new niche in the archery industry. There is no other product that eliminates torque, creates another anchor point, prevents string slap/ or catching the string on your clothing.

Guaranteed to reduce torque—the force that can cause your bow hand to twist or turn on the riser—the Steady Form System does just what its name implies. It provides the extra support necessary to steady your bow hand and improve your form for maximum accuracy each and every time you take aim.

“Bloodline will be airing on Pursuit Channel Sundays 10:30pm, Wednesdays 12:00am, Saturdays 6:00am and Tuesdays at 4:30pm.”

About Steady Form

“Steady Form” bow accessory was created to eliminate the torque of the bow, secure the hunter to the bow and to help bow and shooter become as “ONE.” Once the Steady Form system has been installed to your bow or on your string stopper and adjusted, you become “Locked in,” your confidence and ability to shoot with more efficiency and longer distances is amazing! Legendary Myles Keller said “the Steady Form Torque Eliminator is the best product for a bow that has come along in years !He said he had a similar idea he was going to try and make for his bow, fortunately he found the Steady Form with 7 points of custom adjustment and said if you’re serious about bow hunting you need to have the Steady Form on your bow!”

About Bloodline

“Bloodline” features Alex Rutledge, Legend of the Outdoors hall of fame member, producer Jeff Lovan, and turkey calling champion J.R. Join Alex deer and turkey hunting, small mouth bass fishing, lawn mower and muscle car racing. Bloodline will give viewers a chance to get to know the “real” Alex Rutledge, as he hangs with his buddies, doing what we do in the Ozark Hills. Shot in reality style, Bloodline will capture the everyday Alex Rutledge, both in the woods, on the river or lake, at the track, or just relaxing at the house playing music or having a fish fry. Bloodline also represents all phases of enjoying the outdoors. From a winter coon hunt, a bow fishing trip to the lake, or a night around the campfire telling stories, you’ll see it all on “Bloodline.”