Buy a Knife, Lose Your Firearms? California Bill Stabs Bill of Rights in its Heart

Gun Violence Restraining Order
Buy a Knife, Lose Your Firearms? California Bill Stabs Bill of Rights in its Heart

Gilbert, AZ –-( While the focus of California Assembly Bill 1014 is firearms, the reality is that if this bill passes, even simply purchasing a knife would potentially give sufficient cause to allow the state to seize a knife owner's firearms.

If they can do that, it's not much of a jump to seizing your knives using the same sort of law.

Assembly Bill 1014 really is a nightmare waiting to happen. Under the bill, a court could issue a “Gun Violence Restraining Order” — and then a “Firearms Seizure Warrant” — based on mere hearsay allegations and lay, non-expert opinion from someone that doesn't even have to know you (or even live in California).

That's not hyperbole. If AB 1014 passes, “(a)ny person may submit an application to the court” to take away someone's guns — and probably their knives — without notice or even a chance to defend him or herself in court. The first they may know is when the SWAT team bursts through the front door. Does anyone think that the anti-weapons courts in California won't jump at the opportunity on the slimmest of so-called “evidence?”

This bill is insane: simply having purchased “firearms or other deadly weapons” — like knives — is “evidence” supporting the issuance of a court order that takes away Second Amendment rights and personal property. No doubt any knives possessed will be seized as well. And, if this bill passes, how long before we see exactly the same ill-advised law applied to knives and knife owners?

AB 1014 represents the worst kind of Constitutional slippery slope, effectively abrogating numerous of the Bill of Rights' amendments. Yes, AB 1014 is almost certainly unconstitutional, but how many dollars and years will it take until that decision is handed down? How many citizens' lives will be turned upside down, possibly even lost, before that happens? Better to stop it before we have to go there.

Civil rights don't have borders or state lines, although some states seem to often try to forget that, and we all know that what starts in California too often ends up somewhere else soon enough.

Knife Rights is submitting a letter opposing AB 1014 and we encourage you to write in opposition as well. Our friends at CalGuns and The Firearms Policy Coalition have a page that allows you to easily send a letter of opposition with a few clicks (No donation is required to send a letter, just uncheck the box labeled “Yes, I want to fight…”)

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    1. TJ if you think that is bad one of the knives that I have which is a diving knife is illegal to own in this state. Knives over a certain size or weight are illegal to even own, and they are going to make even more difficult to own certain types of knives in the near future. If this bill passes then the people of this state are really going to be in trouble big trouble, on the bright side there are many people that are fighting this nightmare of a bill before it even gets heard on the floor. And yes this bill is so completely unconstitutional that it will make most people want to leave the state.

    2. Here i thought californias laws on knives couldnt get any more ignorant. When my wife was posted to CA in the army, the day i moved to the state and came to post i got popped for a random vehicle inspection, with all of the stuff in the car that was not being brought out by the movers. They found one of my knives (it wasnt hidden as i didnt know it would be a problem and im a generally law abiding citizen) but i was told that possession of that knife in CA was a felony. It was only like a 6″ double edged blade. Kind of a crap knife honestly. But had i not been on a military installation chances are i’d have been arrested. as it was, they cut me some slack provided i assured them i would send it to a family member out of state. I was needless to say a little flabbergasted

    3. I’m just curious to see how much of this bullshit law-abidding citizens in California are going to take from these son of a bitches ! It’s just going to get worse (if thats possible) as long as you sit on your asses and do nothing. You can’t fall into that mindset that “someone else will take care of it” You are that someone else !

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