CNN: Blame Failed Mental Health System for Mass Shootings, Not NRA

By AWR Hawkins

Mental Health and Guns
CNN: Blame Failed Mental Health System for Mass Shootings, Not NRA
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( On June 24 2014, CNN Commentator Mel Robbins said the next time there is a mass shooting “don't jump to blame the NRA and lax gun laws.” Rather, “look at the shooter and the mental health services he did or didn't get.”

According to Robbins, the knee-jerk reaction for more gun control following a high profile gun crime is as misdirected as it is ineffective.

She writes: “Strengthening gun control won't stop the next mass shooter, but changing our attitudes, the treatment options we offer and the laws for holding the mentally unstable and mentally ill for treatment just might.”

Robbins focused on Elliot Rodger's heinous knife, hammer, machete, gun, and car attacks to make her point. She explained that Rodger legally bought guns in California, a state with “the toughest gun control laws in the country.” 

The laws which Rodger obeyed to get his guns “received an ‘A-‘ grade from both The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, the Los Angeles Times reported.”

Yet after Rodger carried out his evil intentions on May 23, Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Richard Blumenthal, along with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly, called for more gun control.

But Robbins says these calls are misplaced. She said “it wasn't the gun laws” that allowed this to happen, but “the lack of common sense mental commitment laws.”

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  • 5 thoughts on “CNN: Blame Failed Mental Health System for Mass Shootings, Not NRA

    1. Many recent gun violence prevention policy discussions have assumed a direct causal connection between mental illness and violence. The research evidence suggests that violence has many interacting causes, and that mental illness alone very rarely causes violence. As a result, strategies that aim to prevent gun violence by focusing solely on restricting access to guns by those diagnosed with a mental illness are unlikely to significantly reduce overall rates of gun violence in US.mental healh patients. Usually according to research it is it is feelings of aggression, hostility .being
      hurt and resentful, being paranoid, Just Plain Bad & Angry. OR being insane.*

    2. Actually, under TX law, there is nothing illegal about a spouse talking to a doctor, lawyer, LEO, or mental health professional, about his/her spouse’s mental health, substance abuse, guns, etc. What IS illegal, is a doctor or psychologist ASKING a spouse about it without permission (unless there is already considered to be a danger to the spouse or others). It is also illegal for the doctor to discuss what a patient has said with anyone else (except if there is considered to be a danger to the patient or others present). Yes, this is a little oversimplified but we have only so much room here.

    3. Look at some of the state laws concerning mental problems, especially where the spouse is concerned. In Texas the spouse has absolutely no rights. A spouse cannot even talk to the doctor about his/her spouse’s problem. Who would know better than the person living with a person about a mental problem. What is so taboo about the mental health of a person? You are right, it’s not guns but the idiot who has it.

    4. No, blame the media and cops for putting his name and picture in the spotlight to get the fame and glory he was seeking in the first place. Just do that away and he goes away. Simple and easy as that, but you won’t hear that on your CBS evening mind control news.

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