CO Gov Thumbs His Noes at Sheriff’s, Says He’d Sign Gun Control Again

By AWR Hawkins

Hickenlooper and Mayor Bloomberg
Hickenlooper is Mayor Bloomberg's Pawn
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Revising statements he made to Colorado Sheriffs opposed to gun control on June 13, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) now says “he hasn't changed his tune” and would sign the ban on “high capacity” magazines again if given the chance.

According to Denver's Fox 31, after the June 13 2014 meeting, Hickenlooper came under intense scrutiny when he “appeared to backpedal on the magazine ban, agreeing with one sheriff that it was unenforceable.” But on June 20–a week after he allegedly said these things to the sheriffs gathered before him–Hickenlooper said: “I didn't say it's unenforceable, I said it's difficult to enforce.” 

Sheriff's argued that the magazine ban is unenforceable because it bans magazines that were purchased after the law's implementation on July 1, 2013–magazines purchased prior to that date remain legal. But how can a law enforcement officer know when a given magazine was purchased if he or she comes across it during a traffic stop or via other contact with a gun owner?

Hickenlooper added: “A lot of laws are difficult to enforce; that doesn't mean they shouldn't be there. If we went through the process again, I'd sign it again.”

During the June 13 meeting with the sheriffs Hickenlooper also said he did not talk to then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg while the gun control push was underway in early 2013. But Breitbart News reported he did in fact talk to Bloomberg during that time.

Hickenlooper now says he talked to Bloomberg but the former mayor “didn't…have any influence on the decision [he] made about the [‘high capacity' magazine] ban.”

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  • 14 thoughts on “CO Gov Thumbs His Noes at Sheriff’s, Says He’d Sign Gun Control Again

    1. I am still trying to figure out how anyone purchasing a firearm in CO that completes the ATF form and currently uses pot how they are able to pass the NICS check. It asks are you “a habitual user of marijuana?” Seeing that marijuana is still a federally controlled substance there should be no work around on this form. So if they use on a regular basis they are committing perjury on the form. Just curious

    2. Get rid of Hick! If you are serious then donate to Bob Beauprez for our (Colorado) governor. Seriously strong constitution guy. You can bet that the New York dwarf will be backing the Hick.

    3. That is why we have elections. The question are the people of CO smart enought to vote him out? That is the question

    4. If you really cherish your Second Amendment protections you better not move to or live in a state, like Colorado, where marijuana is legal. Sooner or later politicians will link gun crime with recreational drug use, whether it exists or not! This will ‘open the door’ to an ‘enhanced background check’ that includes ‘mandatory firearms owner drug testing’. To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh – “I know how these people think!”

    5. Colorado has been invaded by the liberals from CA, who fled that state to get away from the high taxes, crime and regulation they voted for. Since liberals never learn, they vote for the same failed policies again in the state they moved to. Liberals are are like the Borg!

    6. I can’t wait to see this ignorant idiot’ election scores this November. Hell, just this one colume has shown this hooper looper is a liar! Fits right in with Hilary, Reid, Holder and the biggest liar of them all…. Obullsh*t !!!

    7. Please fix the typos in the headline, should be “nose” and “Sheriffs”

      Besides that, at least Hickenlooper is sending a clear and unequivocal message in support of silly, Bloomberg/Feinstein-style restrictions. That should make it easier for any Coloradans at the polls in November who thought they misunderstood Hickenlooper the first time.

    8. How utterly typical. Abbie Hoffman nailed it years ago — ‘Politicians are one step above child molesters.’

    9. What a flaming assh*le. Governor, see if I ever set foot or spend a single dollar in your screwed up state again. “Keep them high and unarmed” apparently is the motto of Colorado instead of the previous “Nil sine numine”.

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