Conceal & Carry Vs. Permit To Carry, What’s The Difference?

Weapon Imprinting
If this were a real weapon, some states might say your are breaking the law.
Midwest Carry Academy
Midwest Carry Academy

Eden Prairie, Minnesota –-( Often times the term Permit to Carry and Conceal and Carry are used interchangeably as a phrase to describe legally carrying a handgun conceal, or in plain view of everyone, also known as “open carry“.

The difference between the two terms is actually based on the laws of the specific state that you are in.

For example, Minnesota is a Permit to Carry state which means, I can choose to either have my gun fully concealed, or exposed in plain view of everyone.

It is up to the desecration of the individual permit holder. A state like Utah for example requires conceal and carry. If you have ever read gun articles, and have seen the term “CCW,” it stands for “Carrying a Concealed Weapon” or for “Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.

The definition of what is considered “concealed” can vary per se, for example some states simply say the “weapon must by covered,” while others specify the weapon must be covered completely, and also must not reflect an imprint. An example of this is when an outline of the gun is visible through a shirt.

All of this is important especially when traveling, if you do not carry in the correct manner you are liable for knowing the laws of where you are traveling to.

The website great resource for everything legal as it pertains to Permit to Carry and Concealed and Carry throughout the United States.

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  • 8 thoughts on “Conceal & Carry Vs. Permit To Carry, What’s The Difference?

    1. CCW or concealed carry of a weapon is what you want. But some states, like backward Oklahoma only offer concealed gun permits, which really puts it citizens in Trouble. In Oklahoma, if you are under threat, you either can only protect yourself or family with fists or a gun. BAD. If you pull a knife or even a baseball bat – you can and will be sued by Criminal later. In smart states with CCW, you can use anything to protect you/family. À knife, a ball point pen, your belt, etc. In Oklahoma you could lose your home etc. BIG DIFFERENCE WEAPON PERMIT OR GUN PERMIT.

    2. Equally important when traveling is knowing the difference in the need to inform laws of the States. You can get into a legal bind if you do not inform LEOs in some states.

    3. What the hell were you thinking using an obscure use of desecration? Are you a total idiot? Sorry, that was obvious, are you working for Obama? What a MORON!
      I have to assume, even knowing what that makes of U and Me, that you meant ‘Discretion’ of the permit holder.

    4. That is discretion not desecration. Desecration is when an object or place of worship is destroyed or vandalized.

    5. Alaska carry is simple . Open , concealed imprints don’t matter , in your vehicles or out and about.Informing other homeowners and police contact require informing of weapons. No permits for law abiding citizens .
      NFA approvals are shall sign by CLEO . We dont seem to have a problem like Detroit , Washington DC or Kommunist Kalifornia .

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