Elite Shooting Sports To Open Massive New Gun Range in Virginia

Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range
Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range
Elite Shooting Sports
Elite Shooting Sports

Prince William County, VA –-(Ammoland.com)- Elite Shooting Sports LLC is opening one of the largest indoor shooting ranges in the country in Prince William County, VA this fall.

Construction is well under way for the 65,000 square foot facility conveniently located off I-66 and Prince William County Parkway in Northern Virginia. The range is scheduled to open October 4, 2014.

The massive facility will house four separate indoor shooting ranges; two 25-yard ranges a 50-yard range and a 100-yard range all total 42 separate shooting rifle rated lanes.

The facility will also have a 1600 square foot two story live fire shoot house, a Ti Training Simulator, full-time gunsmith, dojo, two customer lounges, five classrooms, a Café and a 5,000 square foot retail area.

The building is being constructed from the ground up with an emphasis on constructing it as an indoor shooting range rather than a retrofit.

This allows specialty needs such as 100% completely sealed substructures for proper air balancing, engineered safety features and the most advanced range equipment available on the market today to be a seamless part of the facility.

Greg Wodack a range consultant by profession envisioned the ultimate indoor shooting range right here in Northern Virginia.

Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range Construction
Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range Construction

“Prince William County has been extremely supportive of our project from day one” Wodack say’s,“ We are excited to open the doors to a much needed world class facility here in Northern Virginia “.

The facility will be will be open to the public seven days a week with some areas being made available for agency training as well.

Visit: www.eliteshootingsports.com for more information and updates.

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Jake: My son and I have been out to the site twice, and the staff was very nice and friendly to us. Go ahead and give folks another chance, I am sure you will meet lots of nice staff members and fellow firearms/marksmanship enthusiasts as well. Hope you’ll change your mind and join us! Best regards.

Jake Gambini

Yeah Bobby I’m not sure. Maybe he was having a bad day or something. We were invited by an on-site worker to check it out, and had no clue we were doing anything wrong. It IS a sick place, and its gonna be awesome. The guy might even be pretty decent, but the way he acted that day was just unprofessional..


Hey Jake I went there today and yeah they aren’t open yet but I spoke with the owner Greg and he showed me around the facilities he was polite no shades of rudeness so I don’t know how it came across like that for you. I’m excited for the opening it looks sickkkk.


Clearly an employee.

Jake Gambini

Sad to say that I will not be taking my business here in the future, and I will continue to advise people to do the same. After being excited for months about this state of the art range, my father and I decided to go out and see if we could find the location. We did, and we asked one of the construction crew members when the range would be expected to open. He wasn’t entirely sure, but said we could walk in and take a look if we wanted. We did so, and were very impressed. However, Greg (the… Read more »


We are looking to open more towards the end of October 2014. Things are looking great and we are excited to see everyone!

Antony McMorris

This is soo cool , a brand new rang in Virginia the biggest of its kind. I would like to join when it is complete. I think that this should long time ago but nothing done before its time.