Full Flight Technology Introducing Iphone App

Full Flight Technology UNO iPhone Archery App
Full Flight Technology UNO iPhone Archery App
Full Flight Technology
Full Flight Technology

Cambridge, MA – -(Ammoland.com)- Full Flight Technology, a pioneer in consumer electronics in the archery industry and maker of the popular Velocitip electronic bow tuning device, is be breaking new ground with a one-of-a-kind iPhone Archery App called UNO.

With the UNO app, archers can quickly and accurately sight in their bow.

The process is simple. Archers will sight in their bow at 20 yards and the technology provided by the app will set the pin gaps for the rest of the sight pins out to 80 yards.

The company introduced the concept for the UNO bowsighting app early this year with great interest from the archery community. With the framework for an effective user experience, and a trajectory algorithm to crunch the numbers, Full Flight is ready to move forward to complete app development.

Full Flight Technology will be using Kickstarter, a popular crowd funding platform to raise the funds needed to bring the UNO iPhone app to the marketplace.

“Kickstarter allows young companies to directly reach consumers and pre-fund projects that reach their fund raising goal. Each “backer” (as supporters are called) receives a known reward based on the amount of their pledge. With Kickstarter, archery enthusiasts and anyone else interested in backing us can pledge a small amount of money to help us bring this new technology to market,” said Bob Donahoe CEO/Founder of Full Flight Technology.

“Rewards increase with the size of the pledge ranging from archery bumper stickers and t-shirts at the lowest levels, to the opportunity to use a loaner Velocitip to test your own bow, and on up. Backers at the highest levels can choose from a Velocitip system package or even a two day bowhunt for wild turkey with the Full Flight team. Velocitip jewelry, clothing and a variety of other products are also available depending on the size of the pledge you choose.”

Campaigns run for a limited time and conclude with an all or nothing result in which the company only receives funding from their backers if the projects’ financial goal is met. An archery industry first, Full Flight’s campaign is scheduled to launch June 1st. See www.velocitip.com or www.kickstarter.com for details.

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James Gore
James Gore
7 years ago

Will his app be .available For Smartphones? I really would like to check it out and use it On my Smartphone