Gun Banner to Ban Guns on Gun-Ban Signs

By Alan Korwin

No Guns Sign
Gun Banner to Ban Gun-Ban Signs

PHOENIX, AZ –-( Because even the image of a gun is disturbing to a tax-funded Illinois school principal, Theresa Nolan, she wants to censor the image and “use a logo of anything but a gun”.

“The amount of actual information on the subject of guns or the Bill of Rights leaking into her school's curriculum and her students' skulls is probably below zero, if she can't even put up a no-guns-allowed sign out of such dire dread,” said one person who refused to be identified.

No charges have been brought against the principal.(~ I am being sarcastic.)

Such censorship and intolerance is frequently but incorrectly labeled political correctness. It is actually cultural Marxism, a political policy implemented through social means, designed to suppress or control speech and thought, leading to actual suppression through quasi-legal enforcement by police and courts.

Hate-crime laws, campus speech codes and so-called social-justice policies are the growing judicial end of cultural Marxism in America.

You should always call out cultural Marxism when you see it — don't scoff by mislabeling it PC, that only helps it grow.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Gun Banner to Ban Guns on Gun-Ban Signs

    1. I actually discussed this issue with Theresa Nolan via email. I was one of the first to criticize this woman for her position with the sign thing. Its just everything isn’t always as it appears.She is actually a very nice young woman that has repeatedly been mis-quoted on this.She explained her position and sent me a very informative link that I will try to provide to yall. She isn’t even anti gun ! She is like the rest of us,just wanting to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals/mentally disturbed people,not lawabidding.

    2. Yazz
      I agree with you. A rose by any other name is just as sweet smelling. Take off the picture all you want the kids have a right to learn the POSITIVE side of guns as well as her demented negative side. The bottom-line we are trying to protect our society from the wrong thing. We should not try to protect the kids from seeing guns we should be protecting the kids from being educated by people that have no common sense and that use their position as educator especially of the young and impressionable to elevate their personal beliefs above all other beliefs (that is exactly how Germany created the national support it had by starting young to educate kids on their beliefs even to point that kids would call the authorities if their parents violated what their teachers taught them). The long and short is that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land and she is OBLIGATED to teach it to every student. The fact that the guns are not allowed on the school property is NOT an issue the fact that the kids need to understand the VALUE of the guns and the explicit written definition of what makes the USA the USA and not say Australia. If she won’t do it find someone who will. Doc

    3. This is just sad. PC run amuck. It seems like an attempt to introduce THOUGHT CONTROL per 1984. TAKE our schools back from the wannabe mind controllers. Kick out the wrong-minded teachers, administrators, and their unions. The problem with common sense is that it has to based on shared i.e. common values . That is clearly NOT the case here.

    4. Once upon a time, such base stupidity was usually self-solving. Not any more!
      Clearly, the gene pool needs more bleach.
      Oh, well that makes it ALL better. The Fanatic Militant Feminist contingency has been engaging in precisely this form of erratic behavior and matching pseudologic, and it works to the detriment to all but their “cause”. WIN! 🙁
      As this article supplies sufficient information to do background research, perhaps a look at Theresa Nolan’s past and other political leanings is in order.
      Seriously, she is really in control of the education of our greatest assets and pride?
      One final question; who actually cares? >:(

    5. What other image would you recognize as meaning not guns. Maybe a better one would be ‘No Bullet Holes’ much more accurate. Picture the fake bullet hole stickers you have seen on someones truck window or corner panel.

      I would call her a denialist when it comes to gun control. Her statements in the article show this, “You can’t look at this (sticker) and not think about Sandy Hook.” She would rather stick her head into the sand and not need to worry about guns in her school.

      If anything having the No Gun sticker facing her everyday might help her learn that a sticker does not make her school a safer place. Stickers and laws really can’t stop mentally unstable people from doing horrible things. She should work to get the shooters names from being turned into celebrities on the nightly news. She may want the school to hire an armed guard. She should push to educate the four gun rules to her students. Maybe get Eddie the Eagle to give a talk to those students too. That would do more good than removing stupid feel good No Gun stickers.

      Calling this Marxism is just being lazy. I know it is easy to say its Marxism for the effect bad taste it implies to a whole generation. If you grew up in the 40’s through the 80’s during the cold war Marxism is like thinking about sucking on a lemon or sipping some white cider vinegar. It leaves a taste in your mouth without even touching it. Others who want to call something Marxist please go read up on it some more. Same goes for Social democracy.

      Visit and lookup both Marxism and Social_democracy

      Hell most people don’t understand that the US is a republic, not a democracy system.

      Visit wikipedia and lookup both Constitutional_republic
      and United_States_government.

      You can blame our schools all you want but nobody is stopping you from learning more about the world around you but yourself.

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