Gun Banners Try to Spin U.C. Santa Barbara Knife, Car & Gun Attack

UC Santa Barbara School Shooting
Gun Banners Try to Spin U.C. Santa Barbara Knife, Car & Gun Attack

Charlotte, NC –-(  The U.C. Santa Barbara tragedy happened in a state with “the toughest gun-control regulations in the country”

“With the toughest gun-control regulations in the country, California has a unique, centralized database of gun purchases that law enforcement can easily search. It offers precious intelligence about a suspect or other people officers may encounter when responding to a call.” (Kimberly Kindy And Alice Crites, “California Police Didn’t Check Database Before Rampage,”The Washington Post, 5/31/14)

The facts about California's restrictive gun laws and their ineffectiveness in preventing gun violence specifically the UC Santa Barbara tragedy:

  • California already requires background checks for all firearm transfers.
  • California already has firearm registration.
  • California already imposes a 10-round limit on magazine capacity.
  • California already restricts a person from obtaining more than one handgun in a 30-day period.
  • California already imposes waiting periods on the purchase of firearms.
  • California already expansively bans and regulates semi-automatic firearms under the rubric of “assault weapons.”
  • California already has “mental health” related restrictions on firearms, based merely on evaluations and reports by clinicians.
  • The perpetrator of the Isla Vista attack obtained his firearms legally.
  • The perpetrator of the Isla Vista attack was under ongoing psychiatric care at the time he planned and committed his crimes.
  • The perpetrator of the Isla Vista attack was visited by police for a well-being check a few weeks before his crime spree.

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  • 3 thoughts on “Gun Banners Try to Spin U.C. Santa Barbara Knife, Car & Gun Attack

    1. There is an INVERSE relationship between crime and gun control. The more control the more violence not the less. Look at California and Chicago. Two of the toughest places to get and possess a gun and yet there isn’t a day that goes by that there isn’t a gun involved headline. Now look at other states that have more relaxed rules and the headlines are about other crimes (all newspapers and news reports are ALL about crime reporting anyway). Except for open carry restrictions Florida is pretty easy a state for guns and we have a pretty low level of gun violence. Even with Metro-Dade county (Miami) being the drug capital of the US and the like. Sure don’t get me wrong guns are a big part of daily life here but the non-gang/drug related gun violence is rarely heard of. Maybe the lesson is take away the “forbidden fruit” appeal and with it goes the routine abuse. Whackos will always find ways to be whackos if its not guns God forbid it could be bombs or running down whole blocks of people with cars or vans or SUV’s like the Santa Barb guys wanted to do but “daddy took his car away” Lets start looking at leaders who can follow the original Constitution and run the country like it was intended and if they prefer to run it in any other way there is surely a country out there that needs them to lead them in THAT fashion just not here with us. I would love to see a Ben Carson elected but doubt it will happen simply because the majority of voters are looking to vote for someone who will give them something for nothing and rather increase social reform rather then simply reverting back to the beginning where if you didn’t earn it you simply didn’t get it. “Earn it have if not do without” is the proper campaign slogan unfortunately it won’t win you an election. Doc.

    2. How in the hell could something like this happen in Kalifornia ? With their unlimited supply of gun free zones,background checks,registrations,waiting periods,mental health checks,etc.,etc,.etc ! All of these copycat murders/school shootings happen in states with gun free zones and unconstitutional firearm laws ! These are places the criminals seek !!!!

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