Gun Rights Groups To Rally Against Anti-Gunners in Media, PA

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Gun Rights Groups To Rally in Media, PA
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Media, PA –-( A coalition of Pro-freedom/gun rights groups will counter rally the Walk & Rally for Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales.

The rally will start at the intersection of Providence Rd and Baltimore Pike in Media, PA at 1pm on June 28, 2014. The counter rally will then move to the sidewalk opposite the Providence Friends Meeting House where the anti-gun rights pressure groups will hold their event.

The rally was prompted by concern that background checks and other restrictions on gun rights are, as has happened in other countries, the first steps toward complete disarmament. On their Facebook event page the rally organizers wrote:

They [the anti-gun rights pressure groups] want to “…demonstrate deep and broad support in Delaware County for universal backgrounds checks on gun sales…”. We’re going to show them that there is deeper and broader support for liberty. We’re not going to allow them to implement more ineffective measures that are only incremental steps toward disarming us completely.

“The other, anti-freedom, side gives the impression that we presently don’t have background checks. The truth is that all guns purchased at gun stores and all personal transfers of hand guns must go through a Federal Firearms License holding dealer who must perform background checks.”

“Many studies over the years have shown the ineffectiveness of background checks and other violations of gun rights when it comes to stopping crime. At the same time the history of countries such as the United Kingdom show that supposedly reasonable measures to control gun ownership lead to gun bans and confiscations accompanied by higher overall violent crime rates.”, Darren Wolfe, the counter rally organizer said.

He went on to ask, “If the availability of guns is the problem how do the anti-gun rights pressure groups explain that we’ve seen 20 years of declining murder rates while rates of gun ownership have gone way up?”

For more information or to get involved, please visit our Facebook event page:

Endorsing organizations:

  • Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
  • AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
  • Firearms Owners Against Crime
  • Concerned Gun Owners of Pennsylvania
  • Citizens for Liberty
  • TruthFreedom Prosperity
2A Mob Approved
2A Mob Approved

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1.message is; If the Antigun Groups tried to take there ar-15 Rifles & ammo away by banning them off market too! There will be all out war agents the antigun groups how started this mess of banning military Rifles off the market for ever is illegal ban ; will turn states into counties too! I will happen in the future too A warning take notice too!.


Where are the Paxton Boys when folks really need em?
Time to send the Paxton Boys over to Delaware Co.
Last time they went to Philidelphia to set the Quakers streight.


What you do, if you are pro-gun, go to the anti-gun rally and pretend you are one of them. Make a complete idiot of yourself, especially if there are media and cameras around. Make them look bad. Now you have the idea!


Good luck to our brothers in PA ! There are 2 types of people that want UBC’s 1) The obvious tyrannists scum that we deal with daily (they just want our guns) 2)the naive liberal morons that have zero knowledge of existing firearm laws,BGC’s already on the books, and actually believe it will reduce “gun violence” ! (CRIMINALS DONT DO ANY KIND OF BACKGROUND CHECKS) Gun related crimes are at 20+ year lows,and firearm sales are at historic highs and climbing daily !